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Hi. I'm programmer with more than 20 years of experience (5+ years in GM/GMS).


  • Any 2D games
  • Game prototypes
  • Game engines
  • Editors (maps/levels, GUI/HUD, etc)
  • Tools (converters, loaders, generators, etc)
  • Any elements/systems for games, including:
    • User Interface (complete system, or just some elements, or/and editor for it; including adaptive)
    • Inventory/Shop/Equipment systems
    • Menu/Preferences
    • Generators (maze, terrain, etc)
    • Localization support
    • any other
  • Help with your projects (optimization, bugfixes, etc)

(Note: I have a small experience with 3D and multiplayer)

Prefer platforms: Windows, iOS and Android (but other also are possible).

Prefer languages: GML, C#, D, Lua (other also are possible).

Employment: Part-time, full-time.

Communication/PM: messengers (no voice), mail, Trello, Redmine/ChiliProject/etc, Bitbucket/Github, and other.

Payment: PayPal, SWIFT.

Any size/difficult of projects.

My last big GMS game: on GMC forum

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

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Deangelo A 25 September 2015

The best game developer you'll come a cross

One of the most professional game developer I've worked with, he makes sure the project is done and done right


Anonymous 23 September 2015

He's awesome.

Professionalism, detailed explanations and high quality code.

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