Drawing grass with depth has never been so easy, and fast!

Using this asset, you can add grass to your game that will have depth and also a wind effect. You can fill your room with grass, or set a circular or rectangular area to fill grass in.

Available for GMS 2.x.


How do I use it?

Setting it up as simple as placing an object inside a room! You can customize the variables inside the object to create the grass the way you like it.

To enable depth in your game objects, you have to use depth = -y in its Step event.

The documentation present inside the scripts has everything you need to know to use the asset to its fullest.

How is this "fast"?

The asset uses vertex buffers to draw the grass, which is A LOT faster than drawing them using objects or draw_sprite() functions.

Can I use my own grass sprite with it?

Sure! You can use any sprite you want.

You can also enable random sub-images in the object, so it will use any of the sub-images available in the sprite, at random. This means you can have different types of grass, and even have some flowers and plants in it!

Do I have to give credits if I use it in my game?

You don't have to, but feel free to do so if you want to.

Can the swaying pattern be adjusted?

Yes, you can adjust the pattern size.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.1.2

Bug fix

Version 1.1.2. Published November 4, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 25 April 2019


Anonymous 17 April 2019


Anonymous 16 February 2019

Well bit asset

Great asset if you want to learn more about vertex buffers!

Was having trouble figuring it all out but the developer was available and kind enough to get me going right away!


jaden k 21 January 2019

Great asset

It's a fantastic asset, I just have a problem with depth = -y. It seems to no longer work in gms2. I contacted the publisher, hopefully he gets back to me!


Gurpreet Singh Matharoo (Publisher) 21 January 2019

We talked, and the solution was to use CTRL+SHIFT+F to search for the function "layer_force_draw_depth" in the project and remove it if it exists.


Anonymous 17 October 2018


Sam D 10 September 2018

Looks awesome and massive help from the creator

Implementing this is intuitive, easy to tweak and looks great! However, I was having trouble with some conflicting code, in the midst of a fairly large project, which the creator spent a lot of time to help me out with. As a result I have everything working now and I could not recommend this more highly!


Anonymous 15 July 2018


Alexander R 12 July 2018

Good stuff!

This is a nice asset! It's versatile and easy to implement, yet the documentation is helpful if you need it.
You get what you pay for!


Lukas S 30 June 2018


Anonymous 14 April 2018


It looks way cool, but my game works on a super jerry-rigged depth system. Can I change the depth of the grass?


Gurpreet Singh Matharoo (Publisher) 16 April 2018

Sure; please contact me on my email address: Though I would prefer if you contacted me on Discord through my server:


Anonymous 17 October 2018

Really Useful!

This is Awesome! Grass looks awesome ! However it Is currently bugged and the actual depth of the grass does not work. Unfortunately this makes this asset unusable in a game, and so I have to lower my rating. If its fixed I will update this review.


Gurpreet Singh Matharoo (Publisher) 10 May 2018

Hey there,

I should let you know that the bug was caused by a recent update to GameMaker Studio 1.4 (2 is fine), so it is probably GameMaker doing something wrong. I have contacted YYG for help with it, and will do my best to resolve the issue once they respond.

So, I would request you to update your rating as it doesn't reflect any problems with the asset itself.

Gurpreet Singh


David A 02 February 2018

Looks awesome

I just started playing with this tool, and it's awesome.

If your GMS2 project happened to start in GMS1.4 and was converted to GMS2, then you may have a problem caused by


Line: layer_force_draw_depth(true,0);

Once I commented this out, it all worked great for me. The author, Matharoo, has been incredibly supportive and responsive, too.


Gurpreet Singh Matharoo (Publisher) 14 February 2018

Thanks for the review, David, and for that tip!


Jeff J 20 January 2018

Great asset and even greater support

The asset is awesome on its own - it's fast and it's easy to tweak. In a manner of an hour or so I was able to really customize and tweak it with my own simulated wind system, making it look even greater than out of the box.

But the real value here is the support - I contacted the seller about adapting it to my specific needs, and he's been extremely forthcoming and helpful, and now the asset is even better. Even at full price, this is a steal.


Gurpreet Singh Matharoo (Publisher) 20 January 2018

Thanks, Jeff! Happy to help! :)


Ahmad F 10 December 2017

Great Asset

Grass by Matharoo added more live to my game and great support always by publisher..


Gurpreet Singh Matharoo (Publisher) 10 December 2017

Appreciate the kind words, good luck with your game! :)


Joni P 06 November 2017


Artem D 22 October 2017

Simple, user friendly, just works.

An excellent ready-made solution, this asset simply works. Very easy customization, if you are familiar with GMS literally a week, you will understand. It also has a very little CPU usage.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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