This GML tutorial is an introduction the Gesture Events available to all objects. These events are designed to make detecting and dealing with taps, drags, flicks, pinches and rotations on a touchscreen device much easier to detect and handle, but some of them can also be used on desktop to detect mouse gestures.

In the tutorial you are shown how and when to add the different events as well as what data they may contain and how to use this data to make the object instance react. The tutorial covers instance events and global ones, and showcases some simple controls for instances and cameras using these events.

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Version 1.1.4. Published October 19, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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01_01_GestureEvents.png 14.4 KB 02_01_obj_Crate_Parent.png 44.6 KB 02_02_Select_Animation.gif 69.2 KB 03_01_obj_Crate_Explode.png 48.5 KB 05_01_EventList.png 56.4 KB 08_01_CreateEvent.png 12.3 KB Buttons.png 2.5 KB Dark.css 9.07 KB default_style.css 9.07 KB Header_Bar_Back.gif 53 Bytes Header_Bar_Front.png 760 Bytes Icon_Alt.png 679 Bytes Icon_Backspace.png 920 Bytes Icon_Cmd.png 801 Bytes Icon_Ctrl.png 703 Bytes Icon_Delete.png 847 Bytes Icon_Escape.png 868 Bytes Icon_f1.png 593 Bytes Icon_f12.png 678 Bytes Icon_Insert.png 795 Bytes Icon_LMB.png 866 Bytes Icon_MMB.png 856 Bytes Icon_Mouse.png 843 Bytes Icon_Options.png 590 Bytes Icon_RMB.png 857 Bytes Icon_Run.png 414 Bytes Icon_Shift.png 768 Bytes Icon_Space.png 831 Bytes Icon_Tab.png 1.5 KB Light.css 9.2 KB MoreTutorialsButton.png 3.21 KB page01.html 7.6 KB page02.html 5.35 KB page03.html 5.43 KB page04.html 6.56 KB page05.html 3.71 KB page06.html 4.72 KB page07.html 11.1 KB page08.html 5.34 KB page09.html 5.18 KB page10.html 3.88 KB Pointer_Closed.png 2.89 KB Scrollbar_Buttons.png 689 Bytes style.css 9.07 KB tutorial.json 185 Bytes Dark_Skin Light_Skin

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