A retro game styled art pack designed for a platformer game. It has everything you need to for a basic platform game. It's native resolution is 16x16 but it looks fantastic scaled up!

I really love this character and tile set but I have enough projects on the go and I just want to see the art used!

What comes in the pack: Cool GameDude character sprite, very basic walk animation, jump frame and gun sprites. Tile set Saw hazard sprite Spike hazard sprite Respawner sprites Open and close door sprites Key sprite Bullet sprites

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Version 3.0.0. Published November 12, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.269

Age Rating: 4+

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Dain V 15 June 2015

Not as advertised, but good. (EDITED)

This review has been edited because of a reply from Crateboy. I made a mistake in my previous review. I can see now how the three frames the character has can be used as a jump animation or a walking animation. As I said before, the quality of the sprites are great. I've even started using them in my own upcoming game (I'll send you a message about it later if you're reading this, Crateboy), and they've been working very well. The player spawner is also a nice addition. In my original review, I complained about the Death Animation, but now I know that it's just a little easter egg and it probably wasn't even originally meant to be included. Plus, the sprites are very easy to modify, so I was able to make my own Death Animation.

Overall, this set is very high quality. I highly recommend this set if you're making a Gameboy-style game, like I am.

-1 Star though because he raised the price from a dollar. But I haven't check GMS in awhile, so he might have just added some new things.


Vitor C 01 February 2015

Worth it.

The graphics are good and the price also makes this product awesome. I highly recommend this Pack!

Good job Crateboy!

Package contents

Total size 18.3 KB

Retro Platformer 2.22 KB Retro Platformer Pack
Backgrounds Sprites 809 Bytes 783 Bytes 838 Bytes 785 Bytes 673 Bytes 730 Bytes 728 Bytes 679 Bytes 726 Bytes 792 Bytes 795 Bytes 795 Bytes 807 Bytes 919 Bytes 924 Bytes 924 Bytes 804 Bytes 807 Bytes 780 Bytes 671 Bytes 818 Bytes 739 Bytes 808 Bytes 815 Bytes 732 Bytes 676 Bytes 784 Bytes images
spr_bigspikeystick_0.png 206 Bytes spr_bigspikeystick_1.png 205 Bytes spr_bigspikeystick_2.png 200 Bytes spr_bullet1_0.png 109 Bytes spr_bullet1_1.png 103 Bytes spr_bullet1_2.png 112 Bytes spr_bullet2_0.png 126 Bytes spr_bullet2_1.png 120 Bytes spr_bullet2_2.png 121 Bytes spr_bullet2_3.png 118 Bytes spr_bullet3_0.png 115 Bytes spr_bullet3_1.png 109 Bytes spr_bullet3_2.png 123 Bytes spr_bullet4_0.png 72 Bytes spr_bullet5_0.png 109 Bytes spr_bullet5_1.png 122 Bytes spr_button_0.png 110 Bytes spr_button_1.png 104 Bytes spr_buzzsaw_0.png 218 Bytes spr_door_0.png 192 Bytes spr_door_1.png 137 Bytes spr_gamedude2_0.png 228 Bytes spr_gamedude2_1.png 232 Bytes spr_gamedude2_2.png 258 Bytes spr_gamedude3_0.png 216 Bytes spr_gamedude3_1.png 220 Bytes spr_gamedude3_2.png 243 Bytes spr_gamedudedeath_0.png 594 Bytes spr_gamedudedeath_1.png 653 Bytes spr_gamedudedeath_2.png 591 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN2_0.png 281 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN2_1.png 289 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN2_2.png 306 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN2_3.png 293 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN2_4.png 304 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN3_0.png 271 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN3_1.png 277 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN3_2.png 294 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN3_3.png 291 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN3_4.png 304 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN_0.png 284 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN_1.png 294 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN_2.png 323 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN_3.png 307 Bytes spr_gamedudeGUN_4.png 321 Bytes spr_gamedudemini2_0.png 195 Bytes spr_gamedudemini2_1.png 213 Bytes spr_gamedudemini2_2.png 225 Bytes spr_gamedudemini_0.png 194 Bytes spr_gamedudemini_1.png 192 Bytes spr_gamedudemini_2.png 205 Bytes spr_gamedude_0.png 229 Bytes spr_gamedude_1.png 241 Bytes spr_gamedude_2.png 259 Bytes spr_heart_0.png 121 Bytes spr_heart_1.png 125 Bytes spr_heart_2.png 123 Bytes spr_key_0.png 108 Bytes spr_mediumspikeystick_0.png 200 Bytes spr_mediumspikeystick_1.png 200 Bytes spr_mediumspikeystick_2.png 195 Bytes spr_pixelplayerGUN_0.png 167 Bytes spr_pixelplayerGUN_1.png 169 Bytes spr_pixelplayerGUN_2.png 176 Bytes spr_pixelplayer_0.png 145 Bytes spr_pixelplayer_1.png 141 Bytes spr_smallspikeystick_0.png 189 Bytes spr_smallspikeystick_1.png 189 Bytes spr_smallspikeystick_2.png 184 Bytes spr_spawner_0.png 306 Bytes spr_spawner_1.png 321 Bytes spr_spikes_0.png 115 Bytes spr_switch_0.png 138 Bytes spr_switch_1.png 118 Bytes spr_switch_2.png 138 Bytes

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