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A collection of minimalist blocky pixel fonts (4 so far) suitable for retro games.

  • min.ttf
  • submin.ttf
  • orthogonal.ttf
  • careless script.ttf

min and submin express minimalism through number of pixels. orthogonal expresses minimalism through the number of angles used (mostly right angles). careless script expresses minimalism through the amount of effort employed to create it ;-)

Made using BitFontMaker2

Min.ttf is my first font! I enjoyed making it, if you like it I'll probably make more.

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Changes in 3.0.1

  • added readme.txt

Version 3.0.1. Published August 30, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1398

Age Rating: 4+

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Ilya K 25 May 2017


Cole M 05 March 2017

Works great!

Looks good too, Thank you for making this


Taylor D 04 March 2017

Nice resource

Also have a free rating for people who leave 1 star reviews due to their own lack of understanding


Anonymous 29 May 2017

Doesn't work

Tried many times to add to GM but it won't show in the font list and i can't find the font when looking at the folder where it's in. I even tried to drag it to GM and it only flickered a little and nothing happened. Would be awesome if the font actually worked. After trying to force it, it says: Invalid character was found: line 1: 7z

Why did you pack these in a .gmez instead of rar? dafuq


csanyk (Publisher) 03 March 2017

I'm sorry you had trouble with installation. I'm not aware that there is any other way to package assets other than creating a gmez, so that's why they're in a .gmez.

What you need to do is download the extension, then extract the .ttf font files and install them into Windows. Once they are installed as Windows fonts, you can create font resources in your GameMaker project, and the newly added fonts should show up in the font list.

Please give that a try and re-rate.

Also, rather than giving a poor rating, how about writing to the developer to ask them for help, or to suggest a way to improve it?


Anonymous 22 September 2016

Pretty good


Morne B 11 October 2015

Thanks needed a pixel font

Will help a lot with prototypes thank you


Paolo M 11 July 2015

Pretty dank

Better than my 8-bit font. 10/10

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