A demonstration on how to write a 3/4 perspective view game, features include...

  • Environmental collision for walking around the world
  • Shader based silhouettes for objects as they go behind scenery
  • Shader base atmospheric lighting
  • Layered room ordering
  • Animated tiles that bring the world to life
  • Fast object depth sorting

Graphical assets may not be redistributed, or re-used in a free or commercial product. Source may be used freely.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.5

Now detects HTML5 canvas mode, and disables effects.

Version 1.0.5. Published April 18, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 24 April 2017


Anonymous 23 April 2017


Tristan K 19 April 2017


Ådne R 28 March 2017

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Maiya W 11 March 2017

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Anonymous 09 March 2017


Very good job ! Can you make some sci-fi genre tutorial ?

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Anonymous 22 November 2016

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Package contents

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assetpackage.yy 19.8 KB fonts objects paths rooms scripts shaders sprites
Baddie_Walk_Left Baddie_Walk_Right LargeBaddie_left LargeBaddie_right
025c668c-5c7f-411e-8f56-ee92e31694c4.png 7.2 KB 4ba97042-f678-44ef-8503-cf034775c171.png 7.22 KB 64fb9d28-aeba-4ae8-9bf5-a48e5dc34326.png 7.03 KB 677c64f0-596a-44f7-89b7-12282484dbe0.png 7.52 KB 75f7dd75-9e96-4936-8b04-10cce26cbd9d.png 7.05 KB d619af07-a6dd-499a-9f27-bd0994cfa502.png 7.16 KB d8a2af4e-6955-4125-b00c-298d9d106051.png 7.22 KB ff833fa0-57f8-4158-972b-9316f07127fc.png 7.35 KB LargeBaddie_right.yy 11.2 KB layers
0209d07d-cb17-4272-9ef6-2e2d4f05460b.png 5.92 KB 11e0fa9c-cd05-4463-a21c-79581db65423.png 5.94 KB 17c02c56-8bb4-460a-a5a5-28e14c89b658.png 6.04 KB 26b28ed9-9560-4ec7-8001-9f707fbfabb6.png 6.04 KB 2ac240f1-e305-4ab8-aba5-7e89e01a58ab.png 5.81 KB 2c006c6a-5130-4843-90ba-bb8773ccb173.png 6.04 KB 3aa017a4-af4d-4402-aa14-aa83163c29e8.png 5.94 KB 71206166-4e53-476c-8a00-82fdc2ca9fc1.png 5.89 KB 729275cf-db67-4a66-81cd-cc7b6b0b44da.png 6.02 KB 80b50526-6b73-4bb6-9167-cb9249cc4fba.png 6.04 KB 83cf0e74-7c7c-47ad-8fcf-6b588e9a34d5.png 6.03 KB 92d11b8b-1af4-4852-a5fe-db7f5e127d11.png 6.02 KB 94867044-8cf6-4cda-b572-e2efd47ed071.png 6.04 KB b637187d-f44a-4368-8ec1-4ca0e7aca912.png 6.04 KB c218984a-9a10-4aaa-a362-5bdccdbd3ad8.png 6.04 KB dd27e3ef-b8d2-4087-9be0-55b23e6eb5dc.png 6.04 KB sAlcove.yy 15.4 KB layers
sBarrel_big sBarrel_small sBeginMask sBlue_Down
5bcab770-8c0e-458a-8346-16f7a03fbfa8.png 2.86 KB 75aae95f-6b06-4f8e-94fc-524cc43d6183.png 2.92 KB 838a5975-d281-49a3-93ca-6699ea56ac8e.png 2.84 KB 8fe3bad7-331d-44a0-b9ec-0dd5d914603b.png 2.98 KB ab7a7ae5-8419-447d-9a51-8014efa18500.png 2.84 KB ba0dbbe1-5ffc-4ef0-a008-63b759cb72ca.png 2.82 KB bcc34db4-3e4f-4d60-8f47-261c5a2d9a80.png 2.98 KB c67e71b8-bd02-4465-84d2-a540d8fae97d.png 2.81 KB cc169753-d482-4f15-a6c6-ff607ade1403.png 2.88 KB e2db9bc7-cd8f-4be5-a199-d45fe21257f1.png 2.72 KB e3ccbfd5-8933-42bc-99eb-ee5515939864.png 2.86 KB e9fd374d-8bbc-4cb9-b25a-7ce4eb88633a.png 2.71 KB sBlue_Down.yy 11.8 KB layers
sBlue_Left sBlue_Right sBlue_Standing
0e390a8e-14ff-4fc0-ae20-779eb95eebe5.png 2.76 KB 18adad3b-b54a-43d7-a656-4f3699068820.png 2.73 KB 21b866d4-c1fb-497c-96ef-4aec6c41dd8b.png 2.83 KB 3471b450-8ce9-4ad6-b48e-fdc091463200.png 2.72 KB 37ca4ba2-9545-41ac-b4d4-eabd9a2165e0.png 2.79 KB 537f8946-4670-462d-a693-821309f5a3b8.png 2.76 KB 7aba6831-5dab-478a-b68f-cdfc434ea018.png 2.8 KB 7d1c7e48-e9b0-45bd-b087-bea2ab656767.png 2.78 KB 953e47fb-7988-41ec-839f-fc9357e5f940.png 2.8 KB ac640155-7009-497c-ad95-3644c6b282cf.png 2.79 KB b0103c16-fa69-4ed8-9d9b-7ca87a01f905.png 2.73 KB dc4cdd59-544e-4acb-9aed-6d905c1cf048.png 2.72 KB sBlue_Standing.yy 11.8 KB layers
02cb5172-a9a8-4cc5-996f-3499bbe3de17.png 2.44 KB 4a16303f-9b36-4218-98b5-cfd5d633fa37.png 2.53 KB 596d7703-a4e8-4aec-8f73-91c261f65666.png 2.55 KB 75cc9721-3704-4ea8-9b95-304da9d521a9.png 2.35 KB 76ebb4ae-e2df-4ec3-b9e4-7e62d49ba110.png 2.49 KB 7b441793-e730-43b9-a0cc-92674150160b.png 2.42 KB 7dd412fd-ef69-4c8d-aea0-ca6590fd7545.png 2.54 KB 86249950-5677-4771-b01e-145250bbb4b9.png 2.52 KB cf7a713f-0f55-4143-8351-33ff668905ae.png 2.54 KB e74120f7-ec36-4196-82b5-0d3c9a3978ef.png 2.45 KB e8c0edc4-1d43-4774-b8f8-aa364b688c6a.png 2.44 KB f8600d94-eab7-4fac-a396-e4c25a8f1438.png 2.38 KB sBlue_Up.yy 11.8 KB layers
sCollisions sController sController_Draw sController_Silhouettes sDoor sDungeonTiles sEndMask sFountain sLargeChest_Empty sLargeChest_Full sLightGlow1stPass sLightGlow2ndPass sLoose_rocks sPIller_fallen sPIller_half sPIller_whole sPortCullis sprite_43 sSwitch_wall_off sVase_bits_0 sVase_bits_1 sVase_bits_2 sVase_bits_3 sVase_bits_4 sVase_bits_5 sVase_bits_6 sVase_bits_7 sVase_whole sWall_10 sWall_8 sWall_9 sWall_window_on Switch_Floor_Left

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