Platform Runner Engine is a framework which allows you to create infinite procedurally generated platformer levels.

The engine supports keyboard controls, & touch/swipe controls.

The code is clean and well commented, explaining how each part of the engine works. The engine is cross-platform compatible.


  • Infinite procedural level generation
  • Pixel-perfect platformer collisions
  • Slopes
  • Wall-jumping
  • Smooth camera movement
  • Simple enemies and obstacles
  • Parallax background layers

Windows Demo

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.3

  • Fixed "incorrect type" error

Version 1.0.3. Published April 9, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1749

Age Rating: 4+

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Jochum B 08 January 2018

Error message when reloading Grid?

ds_grid_get argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32)
at gml_Object_objLevel_Step_2 (line 26) - var value = grid[# xx, yy];


Anonymous 20 November 2017


I find this one simply perfect for beginners, but i think the Grid Creator is lacking a little bit of documentation, otherwise it´s outstanding
I also send you a support request. i´ll apreciate if you could answer.


Tito A 23 July 2017


Dear Rupeck,

your code is great.

I just send you some support request. Please take some time to help me.

Thank you.



Luke J 01 November 2016

Really impressed

I'd characterize myself as somewhere between beginner and intermediate with gamemaker. This was a great purchase. Solid learning tool, well commented, basically a complete game. It even has wall-jumping.
Here's where the beginner is getting me though, I can't for the life of me figure out how to access the Grid Creator, or add new levels to it. I must be missing something basic/obvious, as no other reviewers have run into this issue.
Highly recommended despite my difficulty in finding the Grid Creator.


Felipe R 07 April 2016


Engine easy to use if you read all the code to understand, you can download the sample and just change it to make your project, I recommend.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Mehdi M 17 January 2016


I wish it was pysics-based though.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Anonymous 23 December 2015


action number 1
of Step EventobjDeadEntity
for object objFrog:

Variable .(100065, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Object_objFrog_CollisionEvent_0_1 (line 2) - if (other.invincible && !invincible)

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Andreas M 27 August 2015


Replace images and add some levels, special player abilities and you got yourself a runner :-)

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Anonymous 05 August 2015

Simple, yet expandable

I am looking to make it so if he stops, like at a block, the camera keeps going and hero dies when off screen.
Any thoughts?

Other than that, love it.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Victor L 19 January 2017

Does not work with HTML5

I did a bit of debugging at it look like it crashes when trying to load the grids from grids.ini
Also surface_get_pixel seems to be broken on html5
Have you looked into this?


damon j 22 July 2015

Would not reccomend

If your a beginner with using game maker and coding, This is NOT the product for you! Too difficult to learn how it works. This is more for someone who want's to save time and already knows how to make a game like this rather than learn to.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Boris S 29 May 2015

learned a lot

It was easy to change the graphics for my own style and make new levels with the gridcreator. Clever stuff!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Dain V 19 May 2015

Amazing Runner Example

Originally, I had a problem with blurring between pixels and little lines in the background, but thanks to the developer of the asset responding to me, those problems are no more.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to make a runner game, like me. It's way better than anything else I've found, and it has all kinds of obstacles and traps. Unlike some auto-generating runner games I've seen, this random generator is perfect. I can't find anything wrong with the levels it generates. If you want to make a runner game and have some programming experience, it's worth it.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Rupeck (Publisher) 12 May 2015

Hi Dain, you need to turn off interpolation between textures in the global game settings. This will stop the little lines you talked about and stop blurring between the pixels.


Riccardo P 04 February 2016

great runner engine

I loved the infinite procedural level generation.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Paulo V 03 April 2015


Great works. Very well documented. I used my sprites easily without none problem.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Casper R 11 March 2015

Simple and awesome

Works really great and the code is commented on very well. One thing that would be great is just the screen fitting to tablets and stuff. Though easy to implement by yourself, but it would still be nice :)

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Waldemar R 03 March 2015

You can learn so much from this code!

Very well documented code. I added new sprites easily and after some little adjustments for sprite re-scaling everything worked smoothly.

There is also a special extra included: the GridCreator. It allows you to define new maps in the sprite editor - every single pixel is mapped to a block in the resulting room. It is a very clever concept.

Thank You.

If you want to boost your coding skills - simply get this code.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Oscar R 20 January 2015


The engine is nice, works just as in the video, more things could be add like getting coins or that stuff, but it gives what he promises. The only problem I had is with yoyogames while buying it because the connection timed out but anyway they charged me and I had to buy it again, so they charged me twice, but of course that´s not your fault.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Cosimo D 20 December 2014

Awesome endless engine!!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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Platform Runner 6.69 KB Platform Runner Engine
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sprDirtBlockEyes_28.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_29.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_3.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_30.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_31.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_32.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_33.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_34.png 253 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_35.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_36.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_37.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_38.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_39.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_4.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_40.png 253 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_41.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_42.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_43.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_44.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_45.png 252 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_46.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_47.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_48.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_49.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_5.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_50.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_51.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_52.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_53.png 252 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_6.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_7.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_8.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockEyes_9.png 256 Bytes sprDirtBlockFloat_0.png 265 Bytes sprDirtBlockFloat_1.png 259 Bytes sprDirtBlock_0.png 232 Bytes sprDirtBlock_1.png 240 Bytes sprFrogIdle_0.png 251 Bytes sprFrogIdle_1.png 251 Bytes sprFrogIdle_10.png 247 Bytes sprFrogIdle_11.png 242 Bytes sprFrogIdle_12.png 242 Bytes sprFrogIdle_13.png 227 Bytes sprFrogIdle_14.png 227 Bytes sprFrogIdle_15.png 246 Bytes sprFrogIdle_16.png 251 Bytes sprFrogIdle_17.png 251 Bytes sprFrogIdle_18.png 247 Bytes sprFrogIdle_19.png 242 Bytes sprFrogIdle_2.png 247 Bytes sprFrogIdle_20.png 242 Bytes sprFrogIdle_21.png 242 Bytes sprFrogIdle_22.png 242 Bytes sprFrogIdle_23.png 246 Bytes sprFrogIdle_3.png 242 Bytes sprFrogIdle_4.png 242 Bytes sprFrogIdle_5.png 242 Bytes sprFrogIdle_6.png 242 Bytes sprFrogIdle_7.png 246 Bytes sprFrogIdle_8.png 251 Bytes sprFrogIdle_9.png 251 Bytes sprFrogJump_0.png 253 Bytes sprFrogJump_1.png 254 Bytes sprFrogJump_2.png 244 Bytes sprFrogJump_3.png 244 Bytes sprFrogJump_4.png 243 Bytes sprFrogJump_5.png 261 Bytes sprFrogMask_0.png 81 Bytes sprFrogRun_0.png 249 Bytes sprFrogRun_1.png 242 Bytes sprFrogRun_2.png 238 Bytes sprFrogRun_3.png 249 Bytes sprFrogRun_4.png 243 Bytes sprFrogRun_5.png 249 Bytes sprFrogSlide_0.png 253 Bytes sprFrogSlide_1.png 253 Bytes sprFrogSlide_2.png 245 Bytes sprFrogSlide_3.png 242 Bytes sprFrogSlide_4.png 242 Bytes sprFrogSlide_5.png 242 Bytes sprFrogSlide_6.png 242 Bytes sprFrogSlide_7.png 250 Bytes sprGrassBlockFloat_0.png 293 Bytes sprGrassBlockFloat_1.png 297 Bytes sprGrassBlock_0.png 291 Bytes sprGrassBlock_1.png 291 Bytes sprLevelChunks_0.png 87 Bytes sprLevelChunks_1.png 145 Bytes sprLevelChunks_10.png 161 Bytes sprLevelChunks_11.png 141 Bytes sprLevelChunks_12.png 139 Bytes sprLevelChunks_13.png 110 Bytes sprLevelChunks_14.png 144 Bytes sprLevelChunks_15.png 139 Bytes sprLevelChunks_16.png 133 Bytes sprLevelChunks_17.png 170 Bytes sprLevelChunks_18.png 161 Bytes sprLevelChunks_19.png 166 Bytes sprLevelChunks_2.png 132 Bytes sprLevelChunks_20.png 153 Bytes sprLevelChunks_21.png 150 Bytes sprLevelChunks_22.png 124 Bytes sprLevelChunks_23.png 119 Bytes sprLevelChunks_24.png 132 Bytes sprLevelChunks_25.png 141 Bytes sprLevelChunks_26.png 137 Bytes sprLevelChunks_27.png 108 Bytes sprLevelChunks_28.png 131 Bytes sprLevelChunks_29.png 143 Bytes sprLevelChunks_3.png 120 Bytes sprLevelChunks_30.png 121 Bytes sprLevelChunks_31.png 124 Bytes sprLevelChunks_32.png 104 Bytes sprLevelChunks_33.png 110 Bytes sprLevelChunks_34.png 87 Bytes sprLevelChunks_35.png 118 Bytes sprLevelChunks_36.png 105 Bytes sprLevelChunks_37.png 149 Bytes sprLevelChunks_38.png 131 Bytes sprLevelChunks_39.png 118 Bytes sprLevelChunks_4.png 110 Bytes sprLevelChunks_40.png 119 Bytes sprLevelChunks_41.png 153 Bytes sprLevelChunks_42.png 114 Bytes sprLevelChunks_43.png 134 Bytes sprLevelChunks_44.png 125 Bytes sprLevelChunks_45.png 123 Bytes sprLevelChunks_46.png 148 Bytes sprLevelChunks_47.png 130 Bytes sprLevelChunks_48.png 130 Bytes sprLevelChunks_49.png 111 Bytes sprLevelChunks_5.png 117 Bytes sprLevelChunks_50.png 129 Bytes sprLevelChunks_51.png 166 Bytes sprLevelChunks_52.png 133 Bytes sprLevelChunks_53.png 116 Bytes sprLevelChunks_54.png 153 Bytes sprLevelChunks_55.png 155 Bytes sprLevelChunks_56.png 152 Bytes sprLevelChunks_6.png 106 Bytes sprLevelChunks_7.png 131 Bytes sprLevelChunks_8.png 147 Bytes sprLevelChunks_9.png 117 Bytes sprMenuButton_0.png 166 Bytes sprMenuButton_1.png 157 Bytes sprPalette_0.png 200 Bytes sprPanel_0.png 300 Bytes sprPlatform_0.png 118 Bytes sprPlayButton_0.png 175 Bytes sprPlayButton_1.png 170 Bytes sprReplayButton_0.png 210 Bytes sprReplayButton_1.png 215 Bytes sprSlopeLeftMask_0.png 126 Bytes sprSlopeLeft_0.png 248 Bytes sprSlopeLeft_1.png 246 Bytes sprSlopeLongLeftMask_0.png 139 Bytes sprSlopeLongLeft_0.png 336 Bytes sprSlopeLongRightMask_0.png 139 Bytes sprSlopeLongRight_0.png 337 Bytes sprSlopeRightMask_0.png 123 Bytes sprSlopeRight_0.png 249 Bytes sprSlopeRight_1.png 253 Bytes sprSpikesBottom_0.png 158 Bytes sprSpikesLeft_0.png 126 Bytes sprSpikesRight_0.png 133 Bytes sprSpikesTop_0.png 168 Bytes sprStoneBlock_0.png 166 Bytes sprStoneBlock_1.png 166 Bytes sprStoneBlock_2.png 181 Bytes sprStoneBlock_3.png 185 Bytes sprStoneBlock_4.png 170 Bytes sprStoneBlock_5.png 144 Bytes

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