This Desktop Only package is for creating dynamic, spreading puddles that blend together and stay on screen. Due to the blend modes it uses, it is only compatible with desktop targets (Mac, Linux, Windows), and possibly Windows Phone.


  • 2 objects and 5 scripts, plus a bonus demo object
  • Comments on EVERYTHING! Learn from the code and modify it yourself later
  • Easy to use. Drop one object in your game room, and call one script when you want a puddle
  • Highly customisable - Choose spread, speed, size, and colour
  • Two modes - "Surface" and "Instance", for maximum flexibility
  • 10 step quality setting so you can optimise based on room size and instance count

The base effect uses blend modes and a surface to create persistent effects that look great on screen. However, if you want the effect to fade over time, you can enable Instance Mode, and the surface will not be used, forcing the puddles to fade out nicely over time.

This asset is provided free of charge, since it's desktop only, but it provides an excellent example of the care I take when creating my packages. So check out my other stuff here if you like this!

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Version 1.0.1. Published August 1, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.182

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 01 September 2017


Anonymous 17 March 2017


Pim v 04 April 2015


Really nice effect, clever code.


Dan R 28 November 2014

Pretty much perfect

I was going to code something along these lines, but decided to give this freebie a go - glad I did!

For a desktop game this code is great, and so far seems reliable and robust.


Robert C 25 November 2014


Work perfectly!


Alex A 18 August 2014

Great resource, easily a must have

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