This short tutorial takes you through all the steps needed to get a working version of an arcade classic up and running using Drag and Drop or GameMaker Language. The tutorial itself should take approximately half an hour to an hour, and aims to show off how easy and quickly you can make this type of game while also introducing you to the different features of GameMaker Studio 2. By the end, you'll have a fully functioning and playable game, all ready for you to build on and make unique!

If you would prefer to use DnD™, then please see the version of this tutorial found here

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Version 1.0.3. Published February 27, 2019

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 06 July 2019

Some out of order logic

This tutorial does not explain some methodology behind decisions until some time down the road. As a hyperbolic example - In a step you are declaring variables for some step down the road, but until you get to that later section of the tutorial, it's just a hanging piece of code you're wondering when it will come into effect.

If preparing the code before hand for a design decision, ensure it's explained, instead of something to the effect "Good thing we coded in that 'go' variable 3 steps ago or this piece of logic wouldn't be possible!" It doesn't necessarily create a bridge of concepts which can help increase user understanding.

"Now we want to do this, but we have to change some things in order to get it to work, and this is how we go about it and why." This would also promote being flexible and confident in making additions to code already in place.

The material itself is excellent, and highlights great organization of code, but I feel could be presented a little better.


Anonymous 17 March 2019

best tutorial

i am try to make this game but have not yet mad it but will do hope it turns out to be a good one


Michael F 09 March 2019

Good Tutorial

Good tutorial to learn some basics but not for a complete beginner. Visit Friendly Cosmonaut on her youtube channel for more great GameMaker 2 tutorials...

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