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Fully compatible with GMS:1 and GMS:2

Securely save data on your user's devices!

Whether you are used to using INI files or are looking for a more complicated solution to encrypt data structures this extension will cater to your needs.


  • Fully encrypted and unrecognizable INI files or regular data (see modes below)
  • Tamper proof mechanism ensures data cannot be changed
  • Prevents users from sharing save files & data
  • Can be used to store IAP data and much more
  • More compressed than an INI (smaller filesize)
  • Compatible with all exports
  • Option of encryption with RC4 (default) or 128-bit AES (available separately)

INI MODE To fully encrypt and make your INI files tamper-proof, all you have to do is prefix all "ini_*" functions in your project with "safe_", and change ini_open(filename) to safe_ini_open(filename, key) where key is a random string of letters that is used to encrypt your INI file. This is all that is required.

ADVANCED MODE If you need more flexibility when you are saving data, safe_save will take a ds_map and a filename and write it to the disk fully encrypted with built in tamper-proofing. It will fully save and reconstitute all embedded data structures as well.

There are examples of both modes in use included. To activate AES encryption instead of RC4 please read the Readme.txt

Sample Save File

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.3

Some new features! Backwards compatible with all versions of SafeSave

  • Optional: Support for 128-bit AES to strengthen the encryption of your save files for storage and transmission (available separately)
  • Filesize reduction of up to 33%
  • Typos fixed and Readme updated
  • General bug fixes

Version 1.0.3. Published February 22, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.525

Age Rating: 4+

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Aaron D 19 August 2017

Does basic well, but has limitations

If you're looking for a quick and good solution to saving and encrypting ini files, and not-to-complicated data types, this is a great extension. However, it does have a few limitations that prevent me from being able to use it.

1) It converts arrays to ds_lists when saving, but does not convert them back when loading, so this can really mess with your data if you're not prepared
2) It does not support 2-dimensional arrays.
3) While is does handle nested variables, it does not handle deeply nested variables. For example, a ds_list with ds_maps for each value works like a charm, but if you then add a ds_list as a value to the ds_map, it does not work.

It should be noted as well, that the seller is really fast with responses, which is excellent!


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 19 August 2017

Hi Aaron, while I appreciate your review I have to tell you most of it is wrong unfortunately...
1) Arrays are not data structures and as such not be embedded as they are not supported. The fact they are converted to lists is a GM quirk and it is not advertised that they are compatible.
2) See above
3) You can infinitely nest maps in lists, and lists in maps - this point is just plain untrue. If you need help on how to do this you can email me or look at the included example.

Don't mean to be so blunt but I'm not that keen on having misinformation on my product page listing :)


Anonymous 21 April 2017


Adel B 15 April 2017


the title express my review....amazing+5 stars


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 16 April 2017

Your review is much appreciated - thank you!


Sven G 20 February 2017


I never had a complex extension that worked immediately. Here it is different. Many Thanks! This saves me a lot of time. Excellent! Gigantic! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Taylor Dale (Publisher) 22 February 2017

Much appreciated and glad you are finding it easy to use!


Mark G 28 October 2016

Used it to save level designs for my game

In my game users can design their own levels and using the advanced functionality i can save them so the structure cannot be edited outside of the editor; fast support from seller with question

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Anonymous 28 October 2016


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Vernon L 28 October 2016

just changed the name of the ini functions

and worked straight away. i recommend it

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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