Providing cheap programming services for your Game Maker: Studio projects, with 8 years of experience with Game Maker including developing and releasing Windows, HTML5 and iOS apps. See Portfolio

Happy to program customized examples, tutorials, scripts, engines, etc. for any of your projects. Such as:

  • User Interface
  • Cheat engine
  • Inventory engine
  • Custom healthbars
  • Custom highscores
  • Login/Register engine
  • Pause Menu
  • Platformer AI engine
  • Shop engine
  • Top Down Shooter AI

All code is neat and organised and fully explained in comments for your future reference.

PLEASE NOTE: BulleTech Games will NOT take on commission work to develop a whole game for you. Inexperienced with multiplayer and 3D programming. The usual rate is a very modest USD $10 for the complete project.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

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Nasir G 21 February 2017

Wow how worthless

Well lucky for me i didnt this game maker commintity is worthless i ask for help all over and nothing again very lucky for me i got this from somewhere else so im not crying about this worthless service.And if i do make my game i will rather kill me self then let one from this torn down area of the internet download it.


Tim D 22 August 2015

Excellent Service

I sent my request for a project to BulleTech Games. I followed up with a graphic and a detailed explaination of exactly what I was looking for and received my code the same day for free. The coding worked great, exactly like I wanted. I applaud their courtesy and quick response.


Kai K 05 August 2015

Very good work

I wanted a platformer enemy AI and after some talking I got a well commented code that works very nice.
Even some changes afterwards were free of charge and done quickly.
Nice done!

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