GameMaker Studio 2 (2.3)


F.R. Muller

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** This is the new version of the racing engine, it has many more features, the performance in frames is much higher than the previous version, and all the graphic aspects have been improved, it has a new collision system and inertia system based on real physics between other features. For those looking for a professional base engine to create a new 8/16 bit style racing game, use this engine. This engine was developed based on racing games from the 8/16 bit era such as Outrun, TopGear and others from the Genesis and Super NES video games. The technique used to simulate this type of game is known as pseudo-3d, where the feeling of perspective and depth is given by mathematical calculations of the estimate of the distance between objects in the scene, as a trick of illusion, the dimensions of height and width are altered, decreasing or increasing the images, making our brain understand that smaller objects are more distant from larger objects. The idea of ​​producing this engine came from the point of rescuing the nostalgia of having games that are not about realism, but about pure and simple fun at home with friends. Where when you acquire a developer you can create your racing game the way you imagine and launch it on different platforms such as mobile, PC and other video games. The engine contains basic assets such as engine and braking sounds, has background music and car sprites and scenery, but you can create your own assets making the game experience much more fun. All the code is commented and does not use any external .dll, simplifying the use and using the GMS2 resources. .**

---------------- * Features * --------------------

  • Car collision system.
  • Acceleration and braking system.
  • System of curves, ups and downs.
  • Car animation system.
  • Perspective calculation system.
  • Sound system for car engine sound.
  • It is possible to edit the route by changing the segment entries in the create event.
  • It is possible to use sprites as textures for the track.


  • Ps: To use the engine in commercial game projects, it is not possible to use sprites, as they were used only to illustrate the operation of the engine.

I thank everyone who purchased the engine, please if you purchased the engine leave your review so that in the future the engine can be improved.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 2.0.5. Published February 23, 2021

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