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Foxey Platform Engine

Kazan Games

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The most complete platformer engine for GameMaker 2022+ All support provided! Everything is very easy to customize.


  • Skills System: 4 types of skills that can be easily modified, added or removed. (Normal, Bomber, Shooter, Shuriken). Using enumerators
  • Gamepad: Direct and Xinput
  • Save and Load System: Secure system that uses JSON and buffers (unreadable format). No loss of progress, save the score, lives and anything else in a simple way!
  • State Machine
  • Jump: Control the jump height, can be customized
  • Multi Jump: Double, Triple or infinite jump! You choose
  • Friction and Acceleration
  • Run: The player can run faster
  • One Way Platforms
  • Fall-through platforms: Can be deactivated in any instance
  • Ladders: Shoot from the side when climbing too
  • Climb
  • Wall Jump: Climb and jump walls as you slide!
  • Wall Slide: Slowly slide down any wall Ice terrain: Slide on the ice!
  • Pixel Perfect Camera: Work on all screens. Change the focus of the camera just by setting the variable for any object
  • Camera Shake
  • Camera Focus: Focus the camera on a specific area of the room
  • Pixel Perfect Collisions System: No crash issues
  • Water Shader with Physics: Any sprite can be used as water. (You can control the brightness, saturation, contrast and color of the water!)
  • Swim: The player can swim and walk underwater
  • Menu: Uses only keyboard and gamepad, can adjust volume and others.
  • Parallax Background: Feeling of depth in the background
  • Dialog Boxes: Just one script to add dialogs, put it on the instance. The text fits perfectly without extra words appearing at the end, it is possible to skip the text animation
  • Plates with Text
  • Slopes: You can create any type of uneven terrain
  • Terrain raycasting: The object you want can rotate on the ground
  • Pushable Box: It can be pushed and rotates on the ground!
  • Conveyor Belts: Auto configurable, just choose the sprite
  • Moving Platforms: Both horizontal and vertical
  • Directional Platforms: You can change the number of platforms, circles, distance, distance between circles and speed. There are no collision problems
  • Path-based platforms: Jump to activate or activate automatically, use multiple paths in one instance, draw path lines
  • Silhouette Flash Shader: Demonstrate damage to an enemy when hit
  • Trail effect: Leave the trail of any sprite to create a Metroidvania like effect
  • Lives, Coins and Health System: Lose health when hit the player, lose lives if you have no health
  • Invulnerability System: Player and enemies become invulnerable for a time when hit them
  • Power ups: Comes with some power ups, you can add as many as you want without having to duplicate objects, just copy and paste one line of code!
  • Spring: Jump, hold up to jump higher!
  • Flexible Keyboard Map: All key events are stored in variables to be able to map in a simple way
  • Music Player: Play a certain song at each level
  • Pause: You can pause the entire game at any time, and all sounds also pause!
  • Game Over: If you lose all lives, you will be returned to the menu
  • Transitions: With a shader, you can create a transition between rooms however you want
  • Flag: Take it and go to the next level
  • Damage Object: Make any thorn damage the player
  • Custom Font: Includes a custom font that can be replaced
  • Particles: Various particles such as smoke when walking, slipping and explosions, water bubbles and gun fire
  • Debugger: Includes X-ray, FPS, Real FPS, bounding box and others
  • Audio Groups: All music and effects are organized into audio groups
  • Optimized: Objects out of camera view are not drawn and you get performance on Android and iOS platform.
  • 6 Enemies:
  • Pterodactyl: Move smoothly left and right while looking at the player
  • Fish: He stays in the water, just go over that he jumps high in random positions, you can kill with bombs
  • Slug: If he notice that the player is approaching, he starts facing and start throwing his disgusting slime towards the player! If you step on top, it curls up in the shell and it is possible to kick it and if it is stopped for a while, it will return to normal
  • Spiky: Walk left and right, sometimes jump and you can only kill with bombs
  • Dinosaur: Walk left and right, stepping on top will flatten he out
  • Carnivorous Plant: It contains only the sprites, but it is not yet ready, in future updates it will have
  • YYC Compatible
  • All codes are commented by parts and are very easy to handle
  • Variables names and general code with consistency
  • Includes many sound effects and 8-bit music
  • Can be used in commercial games.

DEMO (.exe and .apk) & Full features: -> Password: foxy123


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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.3.2. Published May 19, 2021

Minor update of compatibility with GMS

GMS2 - Version 1.0.1. Published December 15, 2021

[ADDED] Directional platforms [ADDED] Player new "Wall Slide" state [ADDED] Enemy: Carnivorous plant [CHANGED] State machine now uses enumerators [FIXED] Code cleaned and well commented [FIXED] Bomb collision with solid type 1

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