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Easy Text & Dialogue Scripts


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This is a very simple but advanced pack of two scripts that works for the same thing, write in your screen the dialogues that you want, these scripts does not require any sprite, but it requires a font of your preference, when using this script you can write as much as you can and the text will automatically fit in the screen horizontally, but be careful this text will not automatically fit vertically.

The instructions can also be found in the hearth of both scripts

[The instructions]

write in any create event

1st- scr_dialogue_create();

2nd- Make sure you have a font named as dos_ce

3rd- Write the name of this script in a draw Event "scr_dialogue_use(..., ...);"

4th- write any local variable to save scripts as shown below (you can name it as you want)


var salsa; salsa[0] = string("ADD ANY TEXT IN THIS SPACE");

salsa[1] = string("ADD ANY TEXT IN THIS SPACE");

salsa[...] = string...

Make sure the last string variable is empty to stop the event

salsa[100] = string("")

5th- Add it to the script in the draw event "scr_dialogue_use(salsa,...)"

6th- write any number in the second spot of the script (make sure this number is bigger than 0)


Note: If you want to create an extra event that would activate when the dialogue is over write a code as shown below

if str_n = -1 {





End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published April 6, 2018

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