As of 2/2/18, this extension is deprecated and will no longer receive updates. Check out outsideTheBox for all the functionality this provides and more!

Using the provided functions, you can now toggle between Windowed and Borderless mode!

Under the Game Options Menu, in the Windows -> Graphics section, check "Borderless Window," and then call either bt_set_borderless or bt_set_windowed to toggle between each mode! That's it!
(Note: The demo game provides an easy to follow example.)
Download a demo here


  • This is a WINDOWS only DLL extension (to be clear)
  • Your project MUST be set to Borderless Window by default
  • You will be unable to allow players to MANUALLY resize the window via dragging

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.1.0

Remove the old extension before updating: See below

  • Attempt to grab the window_handle() and pass that, rather than searching for it via Windows functions.
    • Will Still search if this fails for some reason.
  • Added set max calls to to the preserveWindowSize function
  • Moved Scripts to the extension
    • You'll have duplicates in your script group if you don't remove the old scripts.

This should fix the window stretching bugs.

Version 1.1.0. Published August 27, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 11 February 2018


Tony S 26 January 2018

Another tool to extend the uses of Gamemaker

One would expect such a simple functionality to come with gamemaker by default, but thank god we have rousr for these cases <3


Austin S 24 January 2018

Doesn't work

It's broken even in the demo.


rousr (Publisher) 24 January 2018

Hi Austin, Can you make sure you've checked "Borderless Window" in your project's "Game Options" -> "Window" -> "Graphics" menu?
We're going to try to improve the documentation so this is more clear, but it must be enabled when you build for the extension to work. If that's not the issue, any more information you can provide would be a big help!


Samuel V 15 February 2018

Works Great!

It works great! I just wish the resolution of the demo project was a lot smaller (my monitor's resolution couldn't fit it without me resizing the game's window via editing your GML) I got an invalid shader error. So had to remove the shader and all shader related code. It's also very inconvenient to have a bunch of objects and code that are irrelevent to the point of the extension. It gives me a lot more to hunt through to figure out what code I actually need and don't need to you use your extension in my own projects. I would remove all the platforming stuff, and perhaps just have a menu that demonstrates each window mode. The rest is pretty redundant. Although, I really like this extension and the price is reasonable considering how much it can do. I've tried making the window borderless in C++ for Windows and GMS 1.4 and 2 are very quirky when it comes to changing border styles, to the point it's not normal, and almost questionable why YYG made it that way. So anyway, two thumbs up!


rousr (Publisher) 08 January 2018

Let me know if you're still having issues with it (we have various forms of support over at or a simple email!), but it _should_ be functional.

Also there's no GM:S 1.4 version at all - so I have no idea how or why you're seeing such a button!


David G 22 November 2017

Works perfectly!

Easy to implement, and works perfectly! I've been wanting this feature for a long time and I'm so happy it's available now for people who play my game. Woo!


Sebastian N 26 November 2017

Excellent addition to any professional project

Many users will want to have the option to toggle between windowed and borderless. This definitely does the trick but the lack of resizing is a bit of a turn off obviously. Regardless this Extension does what it says it does and I recommend it.


Kyle A 25 July 2017

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