This is an open source project to create a basic ASCII based game engine, for Rogue-Like games! Think Dwarf fortress style graphics. This is a free asset, but you are allowed to use this in commercial projects if you please, but you MUST link to the source code GitHub somewhere. Also, please check the GitHub repository, as it may be updated more than the version released here!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.2.1. Published February 8, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Package contents

Total size 37.8 KB

assetpackage.yy 11.3 KB fonts objects rooms scripts
scr_add_char_advanced scr_a_star_next_step scr_change_background_advanced scr_change_background_advanced_subsurface scr_change_multi_mode_advanced scr_change_outline_advanced scr_change_outline_advanced_subsurface scr_define_subsurface scr_destroy_subsurface scr_detect_mouse_pos scr_draw_txt_surface scr_handle_multi_sprites scr_handle_subsurface_multi_sprites scr_heuristic_next_step scr_init_stellar_engine scr_init_subsurfaces scr_init_surface scr_insert_fps_counter scr_insert_mouse_pos scr_insert_text_advanced scr_insert_text_advanced_subsurface scr_insert_version_number scr_mouse_in_region scr_mouse_in_tile scr_mouse_in_tile_region scr_remove_char_advanced scr_subsurface_change_upper_left_clamped scr_subsurface_draw_self scr_wipe_advanced scr_wipe_all scr_wipe_all_background scr_wipe_all_outline scr_wipe_all_txt scr_wipe_background scr_wipe_nodes scr_wipe_outline scr_wipe_square scr_wipe_txt

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