Calculation Solitaire Engine

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Play the HTML5 build here:


(Note there's some graphical differences in the HTML5 build such as the gradient background not showing)

Calculation Solitaire Engine.

Shouldn't be too hard to understand. Made it as small as I could. Fully commented. Include a round system (you must reach a certain number of points to reach the next round). Also include code to automatically determine when there's no more moves, card animations, top 10 score saving etc

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.3

Replaced single color backgrounds with gradient backgrounds using draw_rectangle_colour.

Version 1.0.3. Published December 30, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 4+

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Total size 478 KB

Calculation Solitaire Engine.extension.gmx 3.97 KB Calculation Solitaire Engine
Fonts Objects Rooms Scripts Sounds Sprites
spr_button.sprite.gmx 678 Bytes spr_cards.sprite.gmx 3.44 KB spr_mask_towards_foundation.sprite.gmx 694 Bytes spr_mask_towards_pile.sprite.gmx 688 Bytes images
spr_button_0.png 165 Bytes spr_cards_0.png 888 Bytes spr_cards_1.png 859 Bytes spr_cards_10.png 784 Bytes spr_cards_11.png 879 Bytes spr_cards_12.png 878 Bytes spr_cards_13.png 1023 Bytes spr_cards_14.png 958 Bytes spr_cards_15.png 980 Bytes spr_cards_16.png 1004 Bytes spr_cards_17.png 958 Bytes spr_cards_18.png 1016 Bytes spr_cards_19.png 980 Bytes spr_cards_2.png 850 Bytes spr_cards_20.png 1017 Bytes spr_cards_21.png 1009 Bytes spr_cards_22.png 982 Bytes spr_cards_23.png 960 Bytes spr_cards_24.png 1009 Bytes spr_cards_25.png 983 Bytes spr_cards_26.png 922 Bytes spr_cards_27.png 833 Bytes spr_cards_28.png 841 Bytes spr_cards_29.png 814 Bytes spr_cards_3.png 809 Bytes spr_cards_30.png 831 Bytes spr_cards_31.png 862 Bytes spr_cards_32.png 817 Bytes spr_cards_33.png 868 Bytes spr_cards_34.png 871 Bytes spr_cards_35.png 868 Bytes spr_cards_36.png 759 Bytes spr_cards_37.png 809 Bytes spr_cards_38.png 825 Bytes spr_cards_39.png 1006 Bytes spr_cards_4.png 818 Bytes spr_cards_40.png 971 Bytes spr_cards_41.png 953 Bytes spr_cards_42.png 952 Bytes spr_cards_43.png 946 Bytes spr_cards_44.png 1003 Bytes spr_cards_45.png 962 Bytes spr_cards_46.png 1014 Bytes spr_cards_47.png 1015 Bytes spr_cards_48.png 1005 Bytes spr_cards_49.png 917 Bytes spr_cards_5.png 873 Bytes spr_cards_50.png 1004 Bytes spr_cards_51.png 993 Bytes spr_cards_52.png 370 Bytes spr_cards_6.png 817 Bytes spr_cards_7.png 843 Bytes spr_cards_8.png 865 Bytes spr_cards_9.png 879 Bytes spr_mask_towards_foundation_0.png 91 Bytes spr_mask_towards_pile_0.png 91 Bytes

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