HTML5 demo

Note: this asset requires web hosting and access to a database.

In just minutes you can implement your very own online scoreboard to your game. Includes all necessary .php files and instructions on configuring your database.

Lightweight, flexible, and easy to understand.


  • Authentication to prevent forged scores

  • Score submission tied to name.

  • Score retrieval and displaying.

  • Basic tweening for aesthetics.

Note: If you are using the HTML5 module and using a database on a different website than the one your project is hosted on, you will need to abide [cross-domain request] rules. This project does not touch upon this topic.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.1. Published November 5, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.460

Age Rating: 4+

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Malek A 23 February 2017

Excellent work

It took the whole day for me to set up (mostly due to my shortcomings), but when it was all setup, it was working like a charm. Zack was kind enough to take the time to lend me a hand when I needed to modify the script to suit my needs. Easily worth the price tag.


Steven M 21 February 2017

Does not work with the HTML5 module.

I bought this to use with an HTML5 game I'm working on, but it does not work. Just keeps saying that it is loading, meaning it's not making the connection for some reason. Shouldn't hae been advertised as working for HTML5 if it doesn't!


Sander H 29 January 2017

Easy to edit, even easier to implement

I only needed a basic feature, and it took me only a few minutes to edit the code to read the ini to send the score from my included file and to the server instead of recorded clicks.
This can also be used to send room data like how much time is spent in a specific room if you like statistics the way I do.


Sarbjeet S 20 September 2016

great job

Its working for me


Corey K 25 March 2016

Very powerful

I was able to go into the code, implement it, and expand it to add additional variables I wanted to save with the score. Example that I implemented was the level that was achieved with the high score. I actually added five additional fields that I use in my game.

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