Please be aware that starting with Early Access release 460 and 1.4.1675, YoYo have stripped the normal IAP implementation on Android and you now need to include Google and/or Amazon's SDK in your project (depending on which platforms you want to publish on) in order to enable IAP support, plus the GGS option to enable/disable IAPs on Android is gone. I'll look into adding these SDKs in a future version, but this will require a price increase, so buy at this price while you can! ;)

Want to integrate IAPs into your game? EasyIAPeasy makes this... well, easy!

EasyIAPeasy automates all the setup and ensures you have a selection of easily-recognisable global variables to then call in your game. You simply add your IAP product names into an included text file, and the scripts and controller object do all the rest on game start-up - EasyIAPeasy supports every marketplace GM: Studio does.

The demo shows how purchase details can be saved in a secure save format file, so you can confirm locally whether the player bought an IAP previously and ensure they don't see unnecessary purchase attempts and get the content they expected unlocked each time. The demo also shows how to easily restore purchases for your customers or allow them to do it on-demand via an in-game button.

All this makes setting up your purchases a matter of minutes per IAP and adding purchase buttons just a line of code. Easy!

Package includes a full demo system and an extensive readme with platform-specific "gotchas" you should be aware of, plus lots of debug output, so you can learn the framework before you start to integrate it into your app.

The demo is published on Google Play, Amazon and WP8 marketplaces, so you can even "try before you buy"!


More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 3.5.0

V3.5 - Important fixes! * Fixes for ds_map crashes when displaying debug text in recent GM releases. * Fixes for proper "result" data from consume and restore events. * Support for Mac OS X puchases being found by iapSuccess without you having to add Mac-specific switch cases. * Fixed some comments and added autocomplete help for the scripts. * com.obskewer.EasyIAPeasy line in productList.txt is now obsolete, noted this in docs.

Please note that our website is currently down. A replacement will be coming soon, so support links will update when we know the new values. For now, if you have a bug, please continue to use the contact button here on the Marketplace.

Version 3.5.0. Published July 5, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1591

Age Rating: 4+

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Sam W 02 September 2017

Not as described

Contacted the dev before buying, they said this asset included a list of gotchas for iOS. Upon buying, I found out there is only 1 gotcha for iOS. Not exactly a full list, and not helpful at all. Developer has not responded to additional emails.

The entire project is way over-engineered and more complicated than it ever needs to be. The only documentation is one massive block of text in a code block which you have to discover yourself, there is no manual. None of the code is titled "DO NOT EDIT", it's not clear where you should be modifying code and where you shouldn't.

The way you set up the iAps in the included file is not intuitive at all and is confusing to start with.

The asset promises that you'll be set up in a matter of minutes, but this is not true. Hours later my iAps are still not working.

A lot of the code is taken straight from YoYoGames pages, without even a change in formatting.

Definitely not easy. Would ask for a refund if YYG Marketplace allowed. DO NOT BUY!


Wayne C 17 June 2017


Sam B 23 November 2016

Error on startup for some android devices

it was all working great, easy to use and implement, but like Kesly H some people have started reporting the same 'Data Structure Does not exist' problem when the game starts up.


Kesly C 09 September 2016

Error on startup for some android devices

It seems some of my users are getting a Data Structure Does not exists error on bootup, usually after buying something. ref.



Andreas M 06 February 2016

Could be easier

There is to many places you must setup and where you edit there is lot of code you should not edit. Text file, Handle Save Data, Create our globals, iapFail and iapSuccess. It's a bit confusing and the risk of typing errors and remove important code.

Tip: You should just do everything in the text file and in a one script per product. In the text file add a script name to every product. Ex scr_handle_ads, scr_handle_hundredcoins... And your code can call the scripts using script_execute and use arguments like state, product when save,load, create globals, fail and success.

Text file:
0 (When set here your code should automatic call iap_consume)
Extra Life!
1 (Save to secure file true or false, your code should automatic handle this)
scr_handle_extralife (Script to handle everything)

Here is an example. Add this and your engine have earned the adjective easy in EasyIAPeasy :-)


Attila K 20 June 2015

mixed but more positive


So I was really struggling with this extention. For me it wasn't fully working but the developer is really helpful so other may find it useful.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Guus T 19 May 2015


This extention saved me a ton of work during the development of Titan Rush. The developer provided helpful support. I highly recommend getting this plugin.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


chris R 04 April 2015

Very easy to use!

Great documentation and very fast response from publisher.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Morne B 06 March 2015

Good support

We use this for Android google play store,
very good example and offers extra support for other platforms.

Author also supported us on questions.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Not G 05 March 2015

Simply Brilliant

This is a very simple (to use!), elegant bit of coding.

The imported assets and instructions are easy to understand, and applying the principles to existing projects is both quick and intuitive.

We very much recommend this to anyone dealing with in-app purchases and await further updates eagerly.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


MUHAMMAD S 08 November 2014

Help me.

Can you help me on video. I do not understand about In-app purchases. Please. Please help me..

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


ObSkewer Games (Publisher) 12 November 2014

I'm afraid I can't do a video - that's not a service I offer. I'd recommend starting with my recent Tech Blog, which will explain the fundamentals of IAPs:

If that doesn't answer your question, then please refer to the guides linked to by that FAQ or (ideally) the documentation within EasyIAPeasy - see the IAP Controller's Create event. If you're still unclear about specific questions or you feel the documentation within EasyIAPeasy is missing something, then I can answer them if you use the contact form again.



Vikram J 10 September 2014

Easy to Use

Got it integrated into Google Play App in minutes. Was very simple and I had try to do this myself 3 months back and given up.

Integrated it into my iOS app and it worked. It is still under testing but I think it will pass.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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