The draw_text_special is a simple script that can be used to draw text with lots of different angles, making for some very cool effects.

To understand how to use the script, just watch the video included in the asset page - it's a quickstart guide.

Some things to take note:

It works both with GMS 1.4 and 2, but since I don't have a GMS2 licence, I can't create an extension for it. But if you download the 1.4 one, it should work just as fine. Alternatively, you can simply get the script code on Github:

The text isn't modified automatically just by passing the values, so you need to control all of it's aspects yourself, like rotating or tilting.

Another thing to note is that it uses the last halign and valign defined by the user, so if you want to center it on the x and y coordinates, you need to set that yourself by using the fa_center and fa_middle values on the halign and valign functions.

Any questions, just contact me.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.1

Changed the explanation order of the arguments on the middle of the script to match the ones on the top of the script

Version 1.0.1. Published March 17, 2018

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1804

Age Rating: 4+

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Travis H 09 July 2019


Anonymous 13 June 2019


Anonymous 12 April 2019


Anonymous 23 March 2019


Anonymous 08 March 2019


Anonymous 30 December 2018


Marc J 25 April 2018


Anonymous 21 March 2018


Tony B 17 March 2018

Works with GMS 2 as well

First of all be careful how you actually call the script in your own code. The comments in the top of the script indicate that you pass the x,y positions of the text before the actual string, which is correct, but the arguments listed in the middle show string first. I got caught out straight away with this one.

As stated in the header, I imported this into my GMS2 project to test it and it converted ok. Note that I did have to fix a broken line in the code but I'm unsure if that caused any problems as I had the error with calling arguments at the same time.

I've got text on screen in my game and need to add in some variables and stuff to actually work out some decent effect but it looks like it's going to work just fine. I called it to draw on the draw_gui event which I assume must be correct, and it worked from a script within a script.

Conclusion: I've not done enough tinkering to do anything impressive yet but I know I'm going to use it so thanks a lot.

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Caique Assis (Publisher) 17 March 2018

Thanks for the heads up! That has been fixed. For a rundown on how to use the script, I suggest watching the video tutorial I made linked here in the asset page.


Matěj Š 22 February 2018

Cool shit

Good job

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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