Platform Gameplay Templates is a compound of platform gameplay mechanics easy to understand for newbie and easy to improve for more experimented GMStudio developers.

Now adapted (not only imported) to Game Maker Studio 2!


  • A first template with basic gameplay mechanics for new devs. Move, gravity, collisions and dead
  • On next templates: Better movement flow using acceleration and friction
  • Wall jump (jumping on a wall) and Wall climb (jumping in direction of the wall)
  • Slope collisions. Slope gradient affects player's speed. Sliding slopes
  • Basic platform Enemies. Moving enemy and static Shooter enemy
  • Customizable input controls for both keyboard and pad

All code is fully commented and templates are kindly organized in different objects and rooms to be easier to understand. Fell free to use any template you like.

Works on any platform but note that controls are not adapted to mobile devices.

Don't forget to take a look at Beat'em Up Engine if you's like to develop a brawler game!

Follow for suggestions and more info of future assets.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.1.0. Published November 23, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1657

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 14 November 2018

Couple flaws, but has the basics.

It has nice, smooth controls, but while on slopes, for an example lets say the slope goes from left to right, if you hold left until you start falling down and then change directions, you fall up the slope. Also it is extremely easy to clip inside the weak walls just by jumping into them. Using that glitch, if the weak wall is next to a regular wall, you can clip into the regular wall. Hopefully you can fix these issues in a patch, but right now it is pretty buggy.


Christopher R 01 October 2018

Wheres the rotation of the player on slopes?

i downloaded it for 1.4 but im going to try gamemaker studio 2 is it not present in 1.4?


Anonymous 14 September 2018

Good to learn and make an easy platform

Totally amazing, but i have a question.. is it possible to edit the end message when you finish the game ?


Rene D 11 July 2018

Very good but with a major flaw on slopes

The template is very good with several functions which will come in handy, but the slopes problems of player going backwards is really bad. It makes slopes unuseable unless editted.


Anonymous 29 September 2017


Marcelo D 17 August 2017

Love U

All I need to really get estarted with my platform game! tnx!!


Brandon C 19 June 2019


Nick R 20 May 2017

Excellent templates

Really happy with this. Just import the files and click play. The demo runs and you can use all the code in your own projects. Great stuff.


GARY W 29 April 2017

Love it

Very very very impressive, right out the bag. Quick question, how can I change the output to 1920 x 1080? Tried a few things but getting lost. LOVE the way this controls.


Curial Lloses (Publisher) 02 May 2017

Thanks Gary, happy that you liked it.

Don't know if you have GMS2 or GMS1 version but in both cases you can change the viwport properties from 640x320 to 1920x1080 on your rooms settings. Note that you may need to make a bigger map if you increase your output size!

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