This package is for creating dynamic, spreading puddles that blend together and stay on screen (or not! There is an option to have instance based puddles that fade out over time too).

IMPORTANT! The GMS2 version of this asset has been updated to VERSION 2.0.0!!! Completely rewritten scripts and all blend-mode issues have been fixed, and a few new getter and setter functions have been added to improve usability.


  • 2 objects and 5 scripts, plus a bonus demo object
  • Comments on EVERYTHING! Learn from the code and modify it yourself later
  • Easy to use. Drop one object in your game room, and call one script when you want a puddle
  • Highly customisable - Choose spread, speed, size, and colour
  • Two modes - "Surface" and "Instance", for maximum flexibility
  • 10 step quality setting so you can optimise based on room size and instance count

The base effect uses blend modes and a surface to create persistent effects that look great on screen. However, if you want the effect to fade over time, you can enable Instance Mode, and the surface will not be used, forcing the puddles to fade out nicely over time.

Check out my other stuff here if you like this!

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Version 1.0.1. Published August 1, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.182

Age Rating: 4+

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Nick C 15 July 2019


Anonymous 27 January 2019

Does not work like advertised on the video.

This asset WAS great (one of my favourites here) before the GMS update in november. After that you can't set colours properly and the instanced version only shows blue puddles and they do not mix like they used to.

Too bad, I really loved this script - very easy to use and gave great results. Can't recommend it in the current state.


Nocturne Games (Publisher) 06 April 2019

Didn't realise this was broken. Will update it ASAP and will let you know! Please review again after the update... :)

EDIT: Asset has been updated!


Anonymous 23 September 2018

Blood and fluids easy

This is really cool, because this effects are like hard for me, but with this was so easy and i had less memory leak. So this like really make the game look prettier in a long shoot. Nice asset


Anonymous 01 September 2017


Anonymous 17 March 2017


Pim v 04 April 2015


Really nice effect, clever code.


Dan R 28 November 2014

Pretty much perfect

I was going to code something along these lines, but decided to give this freebie a go - glad I did!

For a desktop game this code is great, and so far seems reliable and robust.


Robert C 25 November 2014


Work perfectly!


Alex A 18 August 2014

Great resource, easily a must have

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