Provides a persistent object that maintains consistent delta timings which can be accessed from a global variable:

global.dt_steady (variable can easily be changed to a preferred naming convention)

Documentation can be found inside the Create Event of obj_SteadyDeltaTime


// Move right 100 pixels every 1 second
pixelsPerSecond = 100;
x += pixelsPerSecond * global.dt_steady;

// Add 2 to health each second
healthPerSecond = 2;
health = health + (healthPerSecond * global.dt_steady);

// Set number of sprite images to play per second
imagesPerSecond = 10; 
image_speed = imagesPerSecond * global.dt_steady;

// Turn 45 degrees every second
direction += 45 * global.dt_steady;

// Update seconds timer
timerSeconds += global.dt_steady;


Also provided is a way to set the delta time scale, allowing you to easily create global slow/fast motion effects for all values affected by delta timing.

obj_SteadyDeltaTime.scale = 0.0; // "Pause"
obj_SteadyDeltaTime.scale = 0.5; // Half speed
obj_SteadyDeltaTime.scale = 1.0; // Normal speed
obj_SteadyDeltaTime.scale = 2.0; // Double speed

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Version 1.0.0. Published November 28, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1474

Age Rating: 4+

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Vee F 14 January 2018

Thank you so much

I've been struggling with a good starting point for delta_time for literally months. Although this hasn't completely answered all my questions, it's done way more than any other asset/tutorial out there and is commented incredibly well. This is completely necessary to download if you are looking for a primer in delta_time, as it definitely covers most of the essentials while making the code readable. Recommended for advanced beginners/intermediate users.


Anonymous 31 May 2017


Patrick W 11 May 2017


Kyle A 03 May 2017


Felipe R 07 April 2017

Great, great!!!!

Thanks for the developer of this asset...
I was almost giving up implementing the delta team, that's when I found this asset and everything changed!
It's easy to use, and the developer helped me a lot, now I can rest in peace


Adrian N 11 September 2016

Very useful

Extremely easy to use.


Ata N 11 September 2016

Exactly what I searched for

Thanks, it will be very useful to get and set timers for some events OR features!


Maxim N 19 March 2016

short and clear

usefull, short tutorial, clear and vey well commented


Anonymous 20 January 2015


Works great!

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