This is a normal map lighting engine using deferred rendering, made and designed for GameMaker Studio 2.


  • Easy to drop into any project and implement lighting
  • Highly optimized
  • Supports sprites and tilemap layers
  • Supports Spine Animations with a tool to streamline the process! (download)
  • Supports custom drawing
  • Includes Cel Shading option
  • No set limit on number of lights (and performance doesn't take much of a hit for more)
  • Includes functionality for Specular Highlights and Ambient Occlusion
  • Now with shadows

What does this do for you?

Normal map lighting makes your flat 2d world pop out and look 3d. Specular highlights give sprites shininess like metallic armor or glass. Ambient occlusion gives sprites realistic shadows that disappear in light.

How do you use it?

Manual covering all the functions in detail.

\\\create event lighting controller object
} else {

\\\draw end event lighting controller object

\\\create event player

\\\draw event player

\\\create event light

\\\draw event light

It's as easy as that!

For spine support, I created a tool (download) to generate the required code and materials. Takes the spine atlas image, atlas file, and json file and exports the creation code for the object and a map. Spine lighting has never been easier to add!

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, post to the forums.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.2.5. Published January 30, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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Loi R 18 August 2018


Paul L 11 August 2018

great normalmap asset

great normalmap asset


graham e 15 June 2018

Amazing effects, Poor out of date documentation.

-Simple to configure using light controller
-Easy to add objects (Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Ambient Occlusion, & Depth Maps)
-Easy to add/customize lights

-Code is well formatted
-Code comments are helpful
-Good variable naming

-You need to download the not included example project to learn how to properly configure the asset
-Link to the example project is buried in a ReadMe file inside the asset (Project should be included in asset)

-Documentation out of date
-Depth functions are not documented
-Shadow functions are not documented (The main reason I bought this)

-Code arguments aren't configured properly (don't display all proper arguments in bottom of code editor)
-Example code is bugged & out of date (won't even compile without being fixed)

-Great script layout and code formatting
-Poor documentation
-Difficult to learn because of poor documentation
-Great looking effect
-Decent performance
-It won't run well on a low end PC


Paul H 10 April 2018

Couldn't get it to work

Tried to follow the user guide and the demo project but the scripts and shaders did not match the ones in the asset, and the user guide function parameters did not match the scripts. Tried contacting support but didn't get any response sadly.

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