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Edge Engine Visual Novel, or Edge VN, is a fully cross-platform text and character engine designed for use in full visual novels and RPG-style dialog scenes. It is highly optimized for maximum performance and ease of use without sacrificing power. All code is fully notated and designed for human readability, and extensive documentation is included.


  • FAST. Edge VN's text drawing technique is highly optimized and has almost no performance impact, and other elements have been designed with minimum impact in mind

  • Advanced, yet easy-to-use text engine with support for a typewriter effect, multiple colors, and hyperlink-style 'reference links' using simple markup directly inside Game Maker Studio

  • Static and dynamic character cut-ins with automatic and extensible animations!

  • Background scene engine with extensible effects system!

  • Branching dialog options system (added by popular demand!)

  • Support for voice-acted dialog or sound effects

  • Elegant text log for reviewing past text at the touch of a button

  • Supports all control methods, and even has an auto mode!

  • Additional tricks and tools (such as adding hex/HTML color notation support to GMS!)

  • Fully customizable - tell YOUR story!

And of course, Edge VN is compatible with other Edge Engine modules as well! Try it with Edge Display Scaler for compatibility with all screen resolutions, Edge Splash to show your pride for your Edge VN creations, and Edge Filesystem to save your progress through your visual novels!

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.9.3


• Changed mouse detection method to fix issues with scaling


• Added global text x/y offset to edgevn_draw_text by request

• Updated EULA for Patreon distribution


• Improved edgevn_goto to avoid crashes and handle skipping over previously unskippable actions


• Improved HTML5 support

• Improved text log performance, now uses sprite background

• Improved transitions between text blocks

• Updated edgevn_create_next to return created instance ID

• Minor additional improvements to code


• Fixed a regression in previous update causing audio to fail to play on string 0


• Fixed a bug in Audio functions causing audio to loop even with loop disabled

• Fixed a bug causing auto mode to fail in certain conditions when multiple scenes are used simultaneously

Version 1.9.3. Published September 22, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1772

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 09 February 2019


Can't you add or substitute variables for the conversation?


Mark F 23 November 2017


Jonathan W 19 November 2017


Kamryn N 29 September 2017


Gabe U 29 August 2017

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Ota I 07 August 2017


Works like a charm for GMS2 by Retro Compatibility. Had some issues like the demo room not playing, but the publisher instructed me to just re import the project, and it worked. Really awesome engine, worth every peny, lots of documentation and clean commented code. Will save billions of my time!

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David B 23 July 2017


Very helpful, and very flexible tool!

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Jana S 30 June 2017

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Matt D 15 January 2017

Perfect for any VN game

This product is easy to implement into any project that needs VN capability. Once you poke around and understand the underlying code and its few shortcomings, this asset becomes invaluable in any game that needs rich storytelling.

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Blair W 12 January 2017

Simply Amazing!

If you're pretty new to GM and programming you got a little work ahead of you in terms of learning - but if you give it a few days itll start to work for you. I would try working without the log first.
Once you got stuff down this is such an amazing tool for anyone - it doesnt have to be for visual novels you can use this for any game that requires text. your production quality will go up a lot with a tiny bit of learning :)

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Alexander R 02 July 2016

Clean and classy.

Easy installation, even into a busy project with tons of disparate assets. Works as advertised. Quality product all around!

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Ruslan S 15 June 2016


It's awesome! But did't work in html5 (many bugs). Did you fix it?

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Shaun W 17 April 2016

Absolutely brilliant + great support

This is about the third dialogue plugin I've tried and definitely the last I'll need to.

It's a great piece of kit, and even a beginner like me got it up and running for rpg style dialogue boxes with choices that pop up above the character's head (admittedly with a little help from the friendly and responsive support).

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Arthur Y 15 March 2016


After fighting with how to make a visual novel in GM for quite some time, and having my own engine around 60% completed, I opted to just go with Edge instead as it had many more features than I had already planned for even my own VN engine. Simple to use, simple to learn, I love it so far.

EDIT: I'm having a weird bug where every now and then when a new text block starts, for the entirety of the text block the scenes won't fade into one another and just sharply change even though the fade is set to "1" for all of them and not "0". It's not something that will make me rate the engine down as it's still a PHENOMENAL engine in all other aspects and exactly what I was looking for, but if the issue could be figured out whether a bug or an issue on my end, that would be fantastic. :)

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Alexander G 08 February 2016

Nice Engine!

Could you implement multi-language functionality in next update? This would be awesome!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


ThinkBoxly (Publisher) 11 February 2016

Thanks for the review, Alexander. Multi-language is already present within GameMaker itself--to use another language, add a new font and click the '+' button at the bottom of the font window to add the characters that you need. This font can then be set like any other font in Edge VN. If you want to include an option for the user to switch languages, create a global language variable and use that to set your font and text. For example:

//Create event
if global.language = "English " {
my_font = english_font;
edgevn_create_text(0, -1, my_font, "John Doe", "Hello, world!");

if global.language = "Japanese" {
my_font = japanese_font;
edgevn_create_text(0, -1, my_font, "ゆうき まこと", "おはようございます!");

//Draw event
edgevn_draw_text(x-32, y-32, my_font, c_white, x, y, my_font, c_white, true, 1, 32, 1000, true);

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact me via the support link above and I'd be happy to explain the process in more detail.


Anonymous 04 December 2015

good system and good support.

good visual novel system for me.



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Uncle R 05 November 2015

Lovely but linear.

This engine is fantastic! Beautifully streamlined. Pricey but given the amount of time that was put into this I can understand why.

I was one of the many who requested a Branching Dialogue option and was glad to see it added -- which is why I finally purchased it. However, while the example included does show dialogue Options, it does not include a follow up to the selected response. Would love to see an example of the branching dialogue included in this purchase instead of a simple Question at the end that leads to nothing.

STILL WORTH 5 STARS, though a little lackluster in the area I desire (as far as the included example on branching dialogue goes).

[EDIT] Thanks for the quick repsonse. Very much looking forward to seeing an example of the branching dialogue included.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


ThinkBoxly (Publisher) 05 November 2015

Thanks for the review! Your comment on a branching dialog options example is duly noted. I try not to include a lot of excess in my demos so the idea was to keep everything in a single text block object, but I will consider adding a more robust example of how branching works in the next update.

You do not need to worry about managing arrays on a project scale. Each text block object is self-contained, and the intention is to switch text block objects frequently so that the resulting visual novel is entirely modular. This approach is actually very conducive to managing multiple outcomes, as you can jump to any text block object from any dialog option prompt. I would recommend creating a diagram of your plot and then designing your text blocks to match. The text block concept may be slightly different from usual visual novel logic, but I'm confident in the power and flexibility it affords.

I hope Edge VN suits your needs, and suggestions are always welcome!


Charles K 27 September 2015

Wow, just wow

This program is incredible. This makes my life so much easier. The author has really been supporting the Edge Engine with updates too. This is easily the highest quality extension I've downloaded on the marketplace. It even comes with a manual on how to use it and the ins and outs of the program. Just, really really incredible. Easily worth the price.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Jenny G 15 June 2015

A great start to making VNs in Game Maker

This engine is a great start to making interactive stories in Game Maker. The documentation is helpful, and the creator also provides a lot of support if you have any questions

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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