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Hi. My name is Nikita Musatov, but you can call me MusNik. I am GameMaker: Studio game developer. Such as you. And I want present my games for the audience beautifully, easy and effectively. Such as you.

I can make some cool little video trailers for your games and assets.


Price is depending on complexity of video and additional costs for resources. Usually equals $10-$50. Payment - PayPal.

What may I need:

  • For Gameplay Trailers
    • Build of the game (for Windows) with some kind of walkthrough cheats (or already recorded gameplay).
    • Graphics resources from the game.
    • Sounds and music from the game.
    • Description of the game.
  • For Teaser Trailers (Animation Trailers)
    • Graphics resources optimized for bone animation.
    • Sounds and music from the game.
  • For Asset Trailers
    • Demo of Asset.
    • Graphics resources.

What can I do:

What I use for work:

  • After Effects.
  • Premier.
  • Anime Studio.
  • And other.

As you can see my English skills not as good as should. So, I hope for understanding and patience.

See ya!

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Manuel J 25 April 2017

Amazing work!

Really professional and fast delivery. Will hire again for future projects for sure.


KeeVee Games (Publisher) 24 February 2016

Thank you!


David A 02 March 2016

Really good

Completed the work to a high standard. Very happy.


KeeVee Games (Publisher) 05 March 2016


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