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As a Freelance Artist and Gamemaker Developer I can supply services in Art, Graphics, UI, Sprites, Characters, Tilesets, Explosions, Animations and support your game with hard code scripts and create sound effects and functionality to your game at excellent rates.

I have worked with several teams using Gamemaker and other game creation software and have a diverse skills set and able to solve many technical issues and problems faced by game designers. I comment my code where needed and keep my variables readable. On delivery I can talk you through any systems I might have created in code or even drag and drop and help bring you up to speed with using Gamemaker Studio and related software.

Please contact me for rates and quote your requirement and possible budget to cover what is required.

Thank you

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Anonymous 28 June 2016

He saved my game!

He´s so fast and great!
I try to find somebody like that for years!
He don´t want the payment fast!! He´s so great!!!


Terry B 24 June 2016

Excellent and Professional Developer

I have been working with this developer for just over a month so far. He is professional, courteous, and fun. He has been instrumental in the development of our game and the quality of his programming, and art, is exceptional. This developer is the whole package. Worth every penny.

He is not only quick, but his art is gorgeous. He has an exceptional knack for immediately understanding what your looking for and his stuff comes out great every time.

So far, he has a very thoughtful approach to problem solving the results in things being easy to change or modify. All of his code has been clean, and it looks like he refactors as he goes. You can tell because his code is well commented.

This developer even has a sound development and editing skillset. He truly is the whole package.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend you look to him for your next project. If you want to get the most out of this developer, have your documentation done in advance as he works fast.

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