My name is Kattie, though I usually go by Searous online. I will periodically release utility assets (usually in the form of scripts) for use in almost any projects. The purpose is to make some aspects of creating a new game easier. For example, a camera or control management scripts. All assets I release are things I use myself when working on projects, Part of publishing them is to make it easier to grab what I need, quickly, when I create a new project

Nothing I create is perfect, however. Please don't be disappointed if something I produce is not exactly what you wanted. If you find that you could improve upon my work, feel free to do so however you'd like. As long as I receive credit in some form inside your game, you may use my assets however you see fit--it's free for a reason.

I should also note that it may take me a while to respond to any emails I receive. Please don't feel like I'm ignoring you if I don't respond immediately--I'm only one girl after all.

Thank you!

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