Antidote by Sekg

Antidote by Sekg allow you to playtest your PC and Mobile Game with your targeted users from the very early development stage to help you create great gaming experiences.

Playtesting is an uber-important process before, and even after, bringing the game to the market. Developing a game is a long process and implementing playtesting and market research the earliest possible will allow you to create the most optimal gameplay experience for your players.

Antidote is here to seamlessly help you perform playtests and understand your players experience:

Send prototypes and builds to players from all over the world. Target players of all sorts of demographics. Determine your players’ propensity to download, buy the game, continue playing, or to recommend it to friends or online communities. Understand your audience experience by analyzing gameplay and emotional reactions. Discover your player’s persona, motivations and identify new targets.

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