Johan Brodd

Visually disabled audio creator that has:

  • Over 10 years experience in game design
  • Over 30 years in music composition and orchestration
  • Over 20 years experience in synthetically generated sounds.
  • Absolute rhythmical hearing
  • Absolute harmonic hearing.
  • Knows how to capture the listener's emotional feelings via music.
  • Able to put the gamer right in the moment of the game.
  • Capable of bringing the music the last mile to make it fit in the game.

Why do I put these expensive prices?

  • I spend hours upon hours listening to sounds and music, and trying to recreate the sounds as good as I can.
  • I'm using quite expensive studio gear to produce my sounds and music. Equipment costs money.
  • I do these sounds on unpaid hours. Just so you can get the best game assets for a decent price.

Assets by this Publisher

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