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Have you been using remote push notificatioins for a long time and waiting for a fix? Then the wait is over. This extension fixes remote push notifications for iOS. If you are new to push notifications and would like to implement them, you can follow YoyoGames's tutorial here.

How to use?

Simply add the extension in your project and remote push notifications will work as usual.

This extension adds background mode Remote notifications to the plist. When the device receives a notifications in the foreground or background, it generates an async Push Notification callback. If you do not need this callback, make the following changes:

  • in "Project/extensions/iOS_push/iOSSource", open pushAppDelegate.h and comment out line 13
  • in "Project/extensions/iOS_push/iOSSource", open and comment out the function on lines 65-80
  • in GameMaker Studio 2, open extensions/iOS_push, open iOS and remove the plist injection


If you have any suggestions or found a bug, please let us know so we can improve our product! Rating and sharing will be appreciated! :)

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.1. Published December 29, 2020

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