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(Attention! This is an outdated asset, check out the latest one! << 70% improved performance and remade from scratch)


In this project there are two types of blur, one static (for the menu) and the other realtime (for blurring with high performance).

All code is fully customizable, and fully commented!

For Game Maker Studio v2.3.2+ If you want v1.4, click here.

All Scripts/Functions:

draw_surface_blur(surface, x, y, w, h, downamount)
sprite_create_blur(sprite, downamount, width, height, blurradius, quality, directions);
sprite_draw_blur(blur_id, x, y);

For static blur (pause menu):

blurred_sprite = sprite_create_blur(sprite_or_screenshot, 16, width, height, 32, 8, 16); // (run 
only 1 time: create event)
sprite_draw_blur(blurred_sprite, 0, 0); // (run in the draw event)

For realtime blur:

draw_surface_blur(application_surface, 10, 10, 300, 200, 0.3); // (run in the draw event);

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.1.3. Published April 7, 2021

Some improvements and now it's possible to use it in the normal Draw Event, besides Draw GUI.

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