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BBMOD is a 3D model and animation format specially crafted for GameMaker Studio 2. This package contains everything you need to convert your 3D models into the BBMOD file format and then load and render them in GMS!

Contents of this package:

  • BBMOD CLI - a command line interface for converting common model formats into BBMOD through the command line.
  • Powerful GML library for easy loading and rendering of BBMOD models and animations. Fully compatible with both 2D and 3D games!
  • Physically Based Rendering material system with full support for the metallic-roughness workflow.
  • BBMOD GUI - a graphical user interface for partially covering the BBMOD CLI functionality, but with additional live preview of converted models! (Early Access)
  • DLL for converting models right from GML (on Windows).


BBMOD CLI is a command line tool using which you convert other model formats like OBJ, COLLADA, FBX and many more into the BBMOD model format. You can also use various command line parameters to control how the model should be converted - from modifying the vertex format, through mirroring texture coordinates to enabling optimizations for faster model rendering. This tool is the perfect option for those who are used to work with the command line and they need access to all possible configurations when converting their models.

2. GML library:

The GML library utilizes the latest GML features of GMS2.3 to provide you with super powerful and extremely easy to use API for loading, animating and rendering models. Everything is fully documented! An online documentation is available for you to check out even before purchase on our website.

3. Physically Based Rendering:

BBMOD comes by default with a powerful material system with full support for metallic-roughness PBR workflow. This means you can create your game assets in your favorite professional software like Substance Painter for example and use them in your GameMaker games with minimal effort. Or even use high quality 3D-scanned assets from libraries like Quixel Megascans! If you are more interested into making stylized graphics, don't worry, you can use the material system too! Materials are fully customizable and they also allow you to use your own shaders.

4. BBMOD GUI [Early Access] Commercial License:

BBMOD GUI is a graphical user interface which partly covers the BBMOD CLI functionality, but it additionally provides a live preview of what your model is going to look like when you render it in GameMaker Studio! Using this tool you can:

  • Convert models and animations to BBMOD.
  • Create and export PBR materials for the model.
  • Preview all model's animations.
  • Create and export custom image based lighting from cube or equirectangular maps. Supports RGB, RGBM, LogLUV (import and export) and HDR (import only) formats!

BBMOD GUI is the perfect option for artists who need a real-time preview of what their model is going to look like in the game.

By purchasing BBMOD from the Marketplace you obtain a version of BBMOD GUI which you are allowed to use without limitations in commercial projects!

5. DLL:

If you are interested in converting models into BBMOD right from your GM project, the GML library contains an easy to use wrapper for a DLL using which you can do just that on the Windows platform!


This package of BBMOD is for those who want to support its development and/or use BBMOD GUI for commercial projects. If you are working on non-commercial projects, you can obtain a free version of BBMOD GUI from our website (requires a registered account). The plain GML library and BBMOD CLI can be obtained for free from GitHub for both non-commercial and commercial projects.



  • Assimp - Used to convert models from common formats to BBMOD.
  • GMDoc - Used to generate HTML documentation.
  • Xpanda - Used to create and manage shaders.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 2.5.0. Published November 30, 2020


  • Released first early access version! For non-commercial purposes, you can obtain a free copy from our website (requires a registered account). For commercial purposes please purchase BBMOD from the Marketplace.


  • Added rendering to a cubemap.
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