This asset provides you with four simple yet powerful scripts to create healthbars of any shape or size. It works by drawing the healthbar along a given path, which can be static or dynamic, using a combination of primitives and surfaces for optimum performance.

The asset contains two demo rooms, where one shows 4 different healthbars that have already been set up, and the second is a healthbar editor room, where you can experiment to see the true power of these scripts.


  • Uses primitive models and surfaces for optimum performance
  • Paths can be any shape or size, open or closed, smooth or normal
  • You can use the path speed variable to dynamically control the width of the healthbar
  • Healthbars can be textured with any power of 2 image
  • Healthbars can also be simple primitives
  • Complete control over all aspects of colour and position

If you want to test this for yourself, please download and run the Healthbar Example exe:

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Version 1.0.0. Published October 16, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1451

Age Rating: 4+

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Herminio S 30 October 2014

Really Cool idea, but not sure how practical it is

Like I said, its a cool idea. Really cool. As soon as I saw this on the front page I thought it was the neatest thing ever and HAD to have it like a 5-year old when they see a cool toy at a store. I didn't even think about WHERE in my projects I could use something flashy like this, I just bought it XP. It works as intended, I can say that. However it take a massive hit to performance whenever the healthbars are updated. On my machine it goes from like 1500 real fps (when idle) to to 300-ish.

I'm thinking that with a game that is ALREADY heavy, combined with the performance drop from this may drop below 60 fps...And I wouldn't trade a stable framerate for something that is just artistic flair (although awesome) in the grand scheme of things. I'm not sure if this can be optimized any more than it already is, but performance drops are definitely the weakness of this asset. I don't regret buying this for a second though, it's just the coolest thing ever (I admit it, I'm a GUI whore)!


Nocturne Games (Publisher) 03 November 2014

Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated... With just a single healthbar using maybe 10 points or so and an average use - health is only dropped or raised once every X steps - performance should be okay and the game shouldn't suffer too much at all, although that will obviously depend on the machine or device specs I have desperately tried to optimise it as much as possible to avoid this, but, if you are wanting to do a dynamic health bar that changes over time or various steps, then yes, performance could be an issue. Thanks again and I appreciate such honest and helpful feedback!

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