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Hello World! DarkSpine is a real-time level editor created natively for GameMaker Studio 1/2 Directly inspired by the UbiArt Framework, DarkSpine arrives with implementations to maximize workflow. You can create all kinds of systems and customize the tool to extend its functionalities.

Git hub repository:

The current list of features is as follows: * Play and Stop your levels in real time without the need of recompiling. * Chaining operations. * Terrain editor. * Tween editor. * Vertex editor. * Collider editor. * Particle editor. * Physics and Joints editor. * Dynamic layer manager. * World Undo-Redo system (Including all data and parenting operations). * Object scripting customizing components from the editor . * Per depth-range 3D vertex lighting. * Object parenting system (Inherit presets data and transformations). * Graphics manager (including different methods to draw). * Json level packaging. * Workspace saver. * Assets manager. * Projects and level structure. * Grid menu. * 2.5D Transformations. * 2D/3D Hybrid camera system. * 3D Compatible UI interface. * Tween Sequences scriptable in every node. * Automatic texture flushing when it´s needed. * Dynamic Full/Windowed resizable screen. * Customizable/extendable interface, icons, camera, etc... * Dynamic Copy/Pasting system, included parented data. * Warning messages on screen, helping you avoiding unnecesary crashes. * Secure save system in case of crash scripting an object. * Darkspine Level updater.

  • Android Demo:

When you import the extension, you will find more than 650 scripts, of which many are reusable ingame. These Scripts are ordered in all sections with the same name "DarkSpine", so in each update it will be easier to replace these folders. Always operate out of that range so you don't lose your information or duplicate content.

DarkSpine uses a system to update your levels in the case of making internal modifications, these modifications affect the base object, where in no way will it interfere with the custom objects that you have created for the tool.

 The tool is fully compatible with projects already started without it. DarkSpine only needs 1 room to start and start working with its own storage system. For example, it can be very useful to design bonus levels or your own cinematic menus. The possibilities are endless, what the tool does is transfer your concepts to something much more visual!

 The more support I receive from the public, the more time I can devote to improving all aspects of the tool and improving the experience as soon as possible. This means that it will not fall into abandonment, I am aware of the responsibility of this project.

If you decide to buy the tool, it is highly recommended that you register on the website to report bugs and meet people who share the same tool in order to help and focus on any problem related to the tool. I will support online from that website.


  • GMS 2.3 version:
  • GMS 1.4/2.2 versions:

  • This project took 4 years of development, if you have successfully created your projects using this tool, consider making a DONATION on the website

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.9. Published January 24, 2020

*More debug messages removed.

GMS2 - Version 2.2.1. Published August 28, 2020

UPDATE 2.2.1

  • BUGFIX inserting negative numbers in Tween Mode.
  • Tween Scriptable in 3 different events (Play,End,Stop) for each node.
  • Added a third column to call a script when we are Stopping a tween of any node.
  • Bugfix in the coordinates of an added node in 3D orthografic/Fixed mode.
  • Added some Tween Scripts examples for the sequences.
  • Updated the pipeline optimizer.
  • Runtime level update 0.838.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Crash fix in multiselection mode. Now it works with chaining operations.
  • Added the new tween sequence tool.
  • Callback scripts for every tween node.
  • The Ui interface is now compatible with a 3D selection.
  • If an object contains a variable called "z", the tween sequence property "Depth" is automatically changed to "z".
  • Added a quick view access in the Ui to see the transformation settings of a target.
  • Bug fix in a false traslation with a targeted object while we are canceling a question panel.
  • More functions are cleanead/optimized.
  • Added a new cleaned package structure with a new level demo adding more draws and sequences.
  • Bugfix exiting and entering into the workspace while we are managing the animation mode.
  • Buffix managing a particle system in Tween mode.
  • Working on Tween Ghosted sequences.

GMS2.3 - Version 2.3.22. Published August 3, 2021

Alpha Testing fixes causing graphics glitches.

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