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The main objective with this framework is to give a jump start to the basic things that all games usually have: interface, options menu, music, sound, ini files, etc.


  • 9-slice code (tiled and streched)
  • Useful codes like wave(), chance(), alert(), string_split(), etc
  • GUI panels, buttons, sliders
  • GUI input text with select, copy/paste functionality
  • Dialog box with typewriter effect
  • Pause effect
  • Modal dialog (pauses the game and ask a question)
  • Content scrollable panel for text and objects
  • Simple Options menu
  • Initial INI file system that already load sound preferences
  • Screen shake
  • A Particles Lab where you can create your particles, export GM code and import from GM code
  • A Language Support for Latin, Cyrillic, Japanese and Chinese characters
  • A Rebindable Key easy to use for keyboard, mouse and gamepad

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Age Rating: 9+


GMS2 - Version 1.03.01. Published May 28, 2020

Bug fixing for language text line ending

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