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Ken's Console


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Do you want to quickly debug your video game?

Are you looking for a ready, feature-rich console for debugging purposes?

Look no further! Here is Ken's Console!


  • Customizable key, colors, and variables.
  • Input field fully-functional: (select, cursor, history, copy-paste, auto-complete...).
  • Can be a focusable window or persistently focused.
  • Ability to show you Init/controller object's errors at start.
  • Triggered with a specified command-line parameter... or not.
  • Customizable through a separate script if it exists: scr_ken_console_customization
  • Ability to draw to GUI or to a camera view.
  • Rearrangeable Top buttons that run a “console input” with click/hotkeys!
  • Expression Watches: you can watch expression values while console is closed.
  • All your scripts are callable from the console:
  • You can add custom commands to run specific scripts.
  • Constants are extensible and available when writing such as c_red, vk_left...
  • Appending output to a custom log file.
  • Scrollable window.
  • Reset, reload session. Save and load sessions automatically.
  • Documentation included.
  • Much more!


  1. ​Import the extension file to your game maker project.
  2. Add the console object as persistent object in the first room.
  3. Make sure you use a single script named: "scr_ken_console_customization​". The extension includes one.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published May 3, 2021

GMS2.3 - Version 2.3.1. Published May 17, 2022

Many changes and compatibility with GMS2.3

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