This is example of infinite procedurally generating world with 3 layers of grids (foregrounds blocks, middle blocks and background blocks). You can customize chunk height, chunk width, block size. I use this infinite world chunk system for my game "Sandoria", you can check it on this site

What include in this asset:

  • Simple world generating with three biomes with Perlin Noise 1D. (Asset in marketplace)

  • Grid collision for player (written by HeartBeast for tile collision, but i rewrite it for grid and chunk).

  • Smooth camera moving and parralax background (written by Shaun Spalding).

  • Smooth zoom view.

  • Full commented and organized code.


  • WASD - move player.
  • Arrow left - teleport player to 100000 blocks left.
  • Arrow right - teleport player to 100000 blocks right.
  • F - turn on/off flying.
  • Page Up and Page Down - Zoom view camera.
  • Right mouse click - place block.
  • Left mouse click - destroy block.
  • R - restart the game.
  • ESC - exit from game.
  • G - turn on/off grid drawing of chunks.

Enjoy! :D

If you have some problems, please contact with me!

Discord: Limekys #7583


End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.1. Published July 13, 2019

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