GameMaker Studio 2 (2.0 - 2.2.x)

Castlevania-like Engine

Neil Fontaine

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For Gamemaker 2 only.
Do you want to make a Castlevania-like game? Well, now you can. This is a full game engine that includes everything a full Castlevania game needs. You would only want to add more enemies and bosses. Please play the demo to see everything it can do.

Try the Demo: Copy and paste this link

Here is a video on how to use the demo link

Here is a list.

Dialog System: portraits, names. You can have one, two, or many people taking turns talking. Art assets to use as you wish. Everything you see in the demo is yours to use as you wish.

  • Combat system: whip, duck whip, double jump, block, duck block, interact.
  • Weapons: Axe and Holy Water. They work the same like in Castlevania.
  • Health bars: For Player and Boss. Get more health with health potions.
  • Gems: Pick them up. You need gems in order to use the weapons. Similar to hearts in Castlevania.
  • Score: Earn extra lives per score.
  • Enemy AI: Ghost, Dragon Frog, Bat, Knight, Zombie.
  • Boss: Harpy.
  • Tile-based collision, which is smooth and fast.
  • Platforms that you can jump up through and drop down through.
  • Moving platforms.
  • Traps: Spikes that slam down. You can change the speed.
  • Stairs that work smoothly. Climb up and down. Jump on, jump off of. Drop through.
  • Pause game: Pauses all sounds as well.
  • Checkpoints that you can place anywhere.
  • Game Save that you can place anywhere. This allows player to turn off the game and continue when *
  • they restart the game.
  • Menu: Continue, New Game, and Quit.
  • Turrets that you can change how many bullets it shoots at a time and how often it shoots.
  • Room Transitions: Doors that go from room to room.
  • Finite State Machine for Player and enemies.
  • Trigger enemies to spawn when play comes in contact with the invisible trigger.
  • Switches and NPC for puzzles.
  • SFX and songs you can use in your games.
  • Animated sprites that you can use in your games.

Although all lines of code are commented on, this is not a tutorial. It is not for beginners. Be sure you understand how to program a basic platformer before trying to understand the code in this game. However, once you do, you will learn a lot from this game.

Because of gamemaker2 update, I had to change how platforms work. Just be sure the first platform you place in a room is the lowest in the room, then all the others will work normally.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 17+


GMS2 - Version 1.1.2. Published December 6, 2019

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