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SConsole is a fully customizable terminal for your GMS2 projects that already has loads of included commands and more on the way.

Current Commands/Features

  • Comes with a demo on how the asset works!
  • By pressing the up / down arrows you can go through ALL of your previous commands in order.
  • If you mess up a command you wont be greeted with a crash, all errors that can be avoided are avoided.
  • help command which gives you all the info you need on every command.
  • var command which allows you to edit any variable values. This is VERY useful!
  • hitbox command which allows you to see the hitboxes of all instances, and show if they are colliding with anything.
  • move command which allows you to move any instances around your rooms.
  • destroy command which allows you to destroy any instances
  • script command which allows you to execute scripts with as many arguments as you like (asset comes with 3 arguments coded in, but you can easily add more if you need them).
  • enable and disable commands allow you to activate and deactivate instances at a time.
  • clear command which clears the console of all text.
  • game command which allows you to restart you game, end your game, and later on will allow for more in depth game settings.
  • room command which allows you to move to the next, previous, or a specific room as well as restarting a room.

This extension is a foundation for you to build your own commands, you can easily create very diverse commands specifically for your own games, that being said if you want a command you can always tell me! There is a README object which has some other useful info in it too.

I will be focusing on improving and adding more commands!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 0.2.2. Published June 18, 2019

Age Rating: 4+

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