An extension with a DLL to get your computer's username. Check the screenshots for more information on what it returns.

Download the project for GMS 1.4:

Tested only on windows. Made by Flafy.

++ PLEASE READ GAMEMAKER STUDIO 2 USERS(EDIT 2019-06-22): I forgot to add the DLL to the Gamemaker studio 2 project. So please download the DLL from the Gamemaker studio 1 project(google drive link) and add it to the Gamemaker studio 2 project by "Create Extension" -> "add File" -> add the DLL -> double click the dll -> "Add Function".

-Name:getUsername -External name:ComputerUsername -Help:getUsername(part) -ReturnType:string -Args: arg0 double ++

Ideas with that Asset: - Horror game that knows your name. - Encrypt a file that can be Decrypt just with the computer's username(can be used for non-copyable save systems)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published May 18, 2019

Age Rating: 4+

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