This is the extension that I created to use in our game. Does not support subscriptions right now.

I've integrated purchase verification in it, so gives some protection from frauded purchases. See more info about purchase verification here:

Also in case of failures during purchase consuming this extension will automatically resend consume request. Even after game restart it will still try to resend requests.

See documentation here:

Also there is an advanced tutorial with code examples available at

Release notes


  • Fixed error occurred when calling GooglePlayBilling_launchBillingFlow() function with wrong sku id. Now extension sends async response with error status and writes corresponding message to the logcat rather than crash
  • GooglePlayBilling_querySkuDetailsAsync(jsonFormatedSkuList) now also returns sku's "title"


  • GooglePlayBilling_querySkuDetailsAsync now returns “currency” and “priceAmountMicros” values
  • GooglePlayBilling_launchBillingFlow returns also "originalJson" and "signature" values


  • Fixed bug caused not sending async response ASYNC_RESPONSE_PURCHASE_UPDATED for response codes non-equal to USER_CANCELED
  • Added all billing response codes constants. See for possible values
  • Minor code refactoring


  • Added purchase consuming
  • Updated GooglePlayBilling_ASYNC_RESPONSE_PURCHASE_UPDATED async event response. Now async_load holds purchaseToken value
  • Added constant GooglePlayBilling_BILLING_RESPONSE_ITEM_ALREADY_OWNED


  • Initial release

With any questions write to

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 0.1.4. Published June 15, 2019

Age Rating: 4+

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joo j 26 May 2019


edit : I just had to cleanup the cache with Ctrl+7, now it works fine :)

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Mert S 28 April 2019


This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Sanjay R 27 April 2019

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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