GMAssert is a library containing useful assertions for debugging and automated unit testing. You can use it to alert you to undesirable runtime conditions, pause the debugger at that point for further inspection, or quickly test code for expected behaviour.


See the Wiki section on the official GitHub repository.

GMAssert is 100% open source!

Bug reports and contributions welcome on the official GitHub repository.

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Changes in 2.0.1

Resolving Marketplace download error.

Version 2.0.1. Published May 11, 2019

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Travis H 10 July 2019

This is very important to have

Asserts make debugging much easier. When your game runs, but doesn't work the way you want it to, you often want to know what your variables are doing. First of all, you should learn to use the debugger, but sometimes using an assert function is the right way to go. This set of asserts also contains asserts that can do comparisons and other things which I don't think can easily be done in the GMS2 debugger. I'm really thankful for this asset FrostyCat as I'm trying to get better at spending less time debugging. Keep up the great work!

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