This is POWERFUL Dialogue Engine!

Command description is on Create Event in o_test.

  • Basic dialogue functions
  • Event functions(You can create objects, such as choices, inputs, and so on, and link them very easily.)
  • Logical branching function(Easily create branches)
  • A Lot of command(values, sprite, sound, script, effect[custom], speed, color, size, strikethrough, underline, bold)
  • Convenient interaction with a Dialogue instance

License: This is followed the MIT license.

0) Engine Init in Game Start Event..


1) Init in Wlog Object

Create: wlog_init_default(); //Check this script! You can change default values.
Step: wlog_update();
Draw: wlog_draw(); //Design Effect!
Key Press- Space: wlog_next();

2) How to Use

//Create Wlog Instance

//Add Text & Property
wlog_add_text("{0/안녕하세요!/0} @c1테스트중@i0입니다.@c0@c0 @n__잘되네요!!__@n@p@a0@x@c2**너무** @p--잘된다!@s0--@c0@n~~~@n@p@l2엔터 두번.@v0@l0@n@c2@l2종@l1료@l0가나다라종료가나다라종료가나다라@n종료가나다라종료가나다라@n안녕하세요! 테스트중입니다. @c0@n잘되네요!!@n@p너무 잘된다!@n@n@p엔터 두번.");
wlog_set_psprite(0,s_emo,0); //Sprite
wlog_set_psound(0,sd_test); //Sound
wlog_set_pscript(0,scr_effect); //Script
wlog_set_pvalue(0,100); //Value
wlog_set_peffect(0,effect.shake,[2]); //Effect

//Add Event & Property
wlog_set_property_event(["Number 1","Number 2","Number 3"]);

//Add Logical Branch connected with Event
wlog_add_if_link(0); //if callback value == 0
wlog_add_text("1장. ");
wlog_add_text("2장. ");
wlog_add_text("3장. ");

//Add Logical Branch with Value
wlog_add_text("1장. ");
wlog_add_text("2장. ");

3) Useful Functions

  • wlog_add_callback(func[]) : ex) wlog_add_callback([scr_add,1,2])
  • wlog_exists()
  • wlog_set_logic(logic,wLogicIndex) : ex) logic1=wlog_add_if(true); wlog_set_logic(false,logic1);
  • wLogicIndex is returned by [wlog_add_if, if_link, elif, elif_link].

4) To Design Effects

//Check This in wlog_draw() function! var _x=0,_y=0,_size=1,_color=undefined,_pos=0; // _size<=1 #region EffectUpdate, EffectInit, EffectEnd

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.3.2. Published May 21, 2019

Age Rating: 4+

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