A complete platformer engine for you to build your own game off. GMS 2 only.

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RunNGun is what we're calling an Asset as a Service, suggest improvements here and we'll periodically add the highest voted ones to the asset, with no increase in price.

For any questions or issues please email us.


v1.1.0 added 'Plug n play' gamepad support

  • recognize gamepad connection/disconnection, supports switching between m+k and gamepad at any time
  • full player gamepad support - movement, attacking, interactions, vibration
  • easily configurable and completely optional


  • feel free to use any sprites as you like


  • configurable stats/settings, change player sprites as you wish, and configurable controls

3 Weapons (pistol, shotgun, SMG)

  • all weapon stats are configurable
  • magazine/clip, ammo, reloading, swapping primary/secondary
  • change weapon sprites as you wish
  • easily add more


  • change item sprites or add or remove items as you wish
  • ammo for each weapon, medkit, and weapon items to pick up or swap between

3 Enemies

  • all enemies are completely configurable, change enemy sprites as you wish
  • 1. Roller enemy - uses (with additions, but no changes to the scripts) Platformer AI Engine
  • 2. Walker enemy - uses (with additions, but no changes to the scripts) Platformer AI Engine
  • 3. Flyer enemy with shadow
  • easily add more


  • player and enemy flashes, bullets shrapnel, crate and enemy explosions and flying pieces, collect item effect, and flying grass effect


  • healthbar, weapons, magazine, ammo, crosshair, reloading, and alerts


  • platforms tileset, grass tile, moving platform, crates, and clouds

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.1.3. Published August 27, 2019

Auto reload on ammo collect when empty mag

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