An example of strategy, that includes:

1) Unit selection.

2) Unit movement. Calculating a better path and avoiding obstacles

3) Unit AI. Searching and attacking a closest enemy

4) Automatic targeting. Units are going to be stational until they see an enemy

5) Target selection. Command the unit to attack a specific target. In this case automatic targeting will be disabled. After target’s death, a unit will automatically look for closest target.

6) Target chasing. A unit will chase it’s target until it is dead or escape from vision field.

7) Return. After the chase ends, a unit will come back to it’s original position.

8) Smart attacking. If unit just started an attack, but target escapes – a unit will cancel the attack and start to chase a target.

9) Unit animations. Attack, walk, standing still, etc.

10) 8 directions trajectory. North, North-East, East, East-South, South, South-West, West, West-North.

11) Unit characteristics. damage, speed, HP, attack range, etc.

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Version 2.2.2. Published April 28, 2019

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 01 July 2019

Strange phenomenon

When the unit coincides in the same position, clicking on it will also select the unit that coincides with its position, it can't be separated, they will all become together forever.
And seems to be no way for units to automatically attack the enemies it encounters while moving (atack moving), and can't divide some units into a group.
Also, I don't know any way to customize the death animation of the unit and the enemy. When the enemy dies, it is destroyed immediately.

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