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An example of strategy, that includes:

1) Unit selection.

2) Unit movement. Calculating a better path and avoiding obstacles

3) Unit AI. Searching and attacking a closest enemy

4) Automatic targeting. Units are going to be stational until they see an enemy

5) Target selection. Command the unit to attack a specific target. In this case automatic targeting will be disabled. After target’s death, a unit will automatically look for closest target.

6) Target chasing. A unit will chase it’s target until it is dead or escape from vision field.

7) Return. After the chase ends, a unit will come back to it’s original position.

8) Smart attacking. If unit just started an attack, but target escapes – a unit will cancel the attack and start to chase a target.

9) Unit animations. Attack, walk, standing still, etc.

10) 8 directions trajectory. North, North-East, East, East-South, South, South-West, West, West-North.

11) Unit characteristics. damage, speed, HP, attack range, etc.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 2.2.2. Published April 28, 2019

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