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ASTEROID2 ENGINE: An Advanced Asteroids Clone Engine

Hello, I'm Floyd. I've made ASTEROID2 TOGETHER, a free clone of Asteroids made for the 40th anniversary of the classic game. In A2T, besides the main game, you can have two player cooperative mode, and player vs player. This is the engine I've used for that game.

Basically, it's the source code, but it's docummented and everything in order for the user to understand. Some of the key features of this engine are:

  • Full game source code
  • Remappeable controls
  • Working menus and highscores
  • Save .ini and customizable options
  • Full recreation of the game
  • Optimized
  • WYSIWYG: Just compile the project and it's already a full game
  • Periodic updates, next coming online leaderboards
  • Easy to use

The best way to try this engine is just playing the game (free!). Download the game here

You can also check a gameplay of the coop mode in this video

And don't forget to check the trailer!

If you like this engine, please consider reviewing, and follow me here if you want!

Also, check my other assets if you feel like it :)

Any doubt or anything, you can send me an email to

Bye for now! <3

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Version 1.0.0. Published March 6, 2019

Age Rating: 4+

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