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Stick World Online 2.0 (SWO) is an online multiplayer open-world platformer stick-figure game with RPG elements.SWO is a project I started in 2011 (based on v1 which I started in 2009, old video of v1 can be found here: The game was later abandoned in 2012 after I received other opportunities.The SWO series were based on the game Stick Online & can be used to create your own versions of the game.

  • TCP/UDP networking (Faucet Networking)
  • TCP account handling.
  • UDP movement.
  • Platformer phsycis.
  • Inventory.
  • Monsters & bosses.
  • Monster spawns based on number of players in the specified areas.
  • PvP (toggled on & off).
  • 15 + items. Completely customizable.
  • Open world (2 areas: grass + snow).
  • Spawn points.
  • Gold, health/stamina orb and item drops.
  • Basic anti-cheat system (CED).
  • Leveling system (max level: 99).
  • Stamina and health system.
  • Stats: Agility: Increases movement speed, standard jump height (by a marginally small amount) , crouch jump height, reduces weapon cool down and decreases time between regenration ticks. Mind: Increases maximum stamina and regeneration. Body: Increases maximum health, regeneration and damage reduction. Strength: Increases the damage modifier.
  • As the code was written prematurely, the scripting conventions may appear to be inconstant.
  • Basic Q&A document included to help you get started.
  • New features are not supported; however, bugs will be fixed upon request.

Jump - A Attack - S Rest/Regenerate Stam/Health - X Exit - ESC Fullscreen - F1 /fps - Show FPS /ping - Shows Ping to Server /player - Shows Online Players

  • Metal Matt (Graphics)
  • Underglow (Graphics, Programming)
  • Mr_Pwnage! (Graphics)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.1. Published February 13, 2019

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