The CanariPack 1BIT TopDown was meant to help you complete your game with graphics and music in a simple but effective 1BIT style! Whether it's a Zelda-like, a Beat'Em Up, a Shoot'Em Up, a Roguelike or a Racing game! Designed by game developer and expert pixelartist Johan Vinet (worked on Flinthook, Mercenary Kings Reloaded, Rivals Of Aether, Shovel Knights Showdown...), this very complete pack contains assets made with the greatest care.

Updates are planned every few months! Buy it once, more content will be added through time!


A very versatile 16x16 tileset: Inspired by the classics, very versatile, allowing the realization of:

  • Dungeon / Village / Forest / City / House interiors
  • Animated tiles
  • Support autotiling
  • 3 GameMaker's rooms given as examples

Players' sprites (16x16):

  • 3 heroes: Princess / Adventurer / Dog
  • Fully animated in all 4 directions: Idle / Walk / Push / Jump / Roll / Hurt / Attack / Death

Enemies' sprites:

  • 4 enemies: Wizard / Blob / NegaBlob / Snake
  • Fully animated in the useful directions

35 items :

  • Key, sword, bomb, shield, gloves, hammer, chest, coin, pen, bow, mushroom, heart, pot, pot, potion, pick, shovel, bell, bell, boots, compass, feather, diskette, crown, harp, harp, leaf, mirror, gold bag, skull, skull, key, book, lamp, ring, scroll, shell, bananas, bone.

3 chiptune musics:

  • Adventure theme / Dungeon theme / Fairy theme

17 sound effects:

  • 3 attack / 2 death / 1 fall / 2 hurt / 3 jump / 1 land / 1 pickup / 1 menu-back / 1 menu-valid / 1 menu-cursor.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.1. Published December 10, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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