- Scripts- Basic Version-

- Here are a few handy scripts I find myself using all too often. 

- There are short examples & explanations inside each script.

- I will be importing these scripts into all of my ASSETS and projects. So there will be plenty of examples inside those projects! 

Happy coding (:


- NumericSpring - Bless Hay Gaming
- Tween_Sine - Pixelated Pope
- Tween_Smooth & Tween_Weighted -@Sol_hsa
- Tween_LerpTime - @FauxOperative
- Spring - Tutsplus
- collision_line_point - @YellowAfterLife

Follow here for updates >> @jasontomlee

Find it on >>

Ratings are greatly appreciated!

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Version 7.0.0. Published June 10, 2019

Age Rating: 4+

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Jason L 06 December 2018

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